Di Lido Island Home


Located in one of the most coveted areas of sunny and sultry Miami Beach, this home is a hub of comfort, elegance, and sophistication, all brilliantly showcased with Lutron’s Homeworks QS system.



  • Panels housing Homeworks QS system.
  • Dedicated theater room with accent lighting along the floor boards and art pieces.
  • Kitchen, dining room, and small entertainment room, with Lutron shades shielding from the summer sun, while Lutron controlled dimmable lighting highlights the magnificent space.
  • Abundant dimmable light for walk in closet, for the entire space and individual shelves.
  • Discreet and elegant lighting for the bathroom, combined with natural light, and the option to draw Lutron shades.
  • Minimalist wall washes guiding the entrance of the home, and showcasing art pieces, both on wall, and hanging.
  • Living room space with abundant, yet gentle light, ready to entertain a lively party, or a party of two.
  • The most intimate of spaces; the bedroom. Dimmable lighting and retractable shades to accommodate for time of day and mood.
  • Dining room table enclosed by abstract art pieces, both illuminated by multi-directional lighting.


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