The 183-foot Panthalassa, sailing out of Mallorca, Spain, epitomizes oceanic luxury at its grandest. Our discerning clients’ vision for their majestic vessel was a feature-rich one. The idea was to design and create a state-of-the-art fully-loaded system within this grandiose ocean liner.


Acoustic Architects team played a crucial role on this hi-tech custom built yacht. Our team of professionals designed and engineered a custom tailored integrated system that tied all the vessels technologies all together for our clients’ seamless convenience. This included lighting control, satellite system, network, movie server system, customer tailored automation system, iPod docks, conference room with privacy glass and a tv that pops up from the furniture just to name a few. We then designed an easy to use touch pad to bring the yacht’s numerous components together in one seamless control interface.


  • Full automation system.
  • Lighting system.
  • WiFi
  • Kaleidescape movie server system.
  • Satellite system to get live TV (Directv when in the Caribbean, Sky when in the European area, and DigiTurk when in the Middle East area)
  • Every room has a Kaleidescape, Apple TV, iPod dock, and a Savant remote control in order to control everything.
  • There is also a state of the art conference room with privacy glass and a TV that pops out of the furniture for discrete usage.
  • Speakers and weather proof TVs in all state rooms and common areas.


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