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Exquisite Connected Living

Meticulous Design & Planning

Preciseness in Execution

Mastery in Simplicity

Luxurious Intuitive Dwelling

Enhance your lifestyle.

Acoustic Architects is a white-glove full service home automation team for luxury residential dwellings, as well as marine and commercial spaces.

Let’s Chat About…

Never losing power to your home, yes never.

Hydroelectric, Solar, Smart Generator, Battery, all in sync, using 50% less energy.

The healthy smart home.

Spaces designed to enhance energy, sleep, and overall wellness.

Achieving Net-Zero.

Producing as much clean energy as is used, consistently, year after year.

Smart Lighting in sync with your Circadian Rhythm.

Sleep, create, think, and live better.

Smart Lighting in sync with your Circadian Rhythm.

Sleep, create, think, and live better.

The smart bathroom sanctuary.

Everything at your command – shower mirror, toilet, soaking tub, and even a TV.

Peace of mind with Smart Security and Access Control.

Interact with all your entry points from anywhere in the world.

TVs that turn into a mirror or fine art.

Plus all-weather TVs and indoor or outdoor screens that disappear.

Variable Refrigerant Systems (VRS)

Next-generation HVAC for individualized climate control in each room.

Powerfully Simple.

From lighting and entertainment to energy and security, you’ll be able to control your home with one touch or voice command.


What our clients are saying.

“We can’t help but going back to
Acoustic Architects to provide
the automation for our projects.”

Vincenzo Avanzato

Avanzato Design

“The AA team is dependable,
relatable, and they consistently
get the job done within budget.”

Brian Koles

Property Markets Group

“The great part of
Acoustic Architects is that
they stand by their work.”

Paul Fischman,

Choeff Levy Fischman PA, Architect

“I’ve had the pleasure of working
together with AA for several years
now and on many projects.”

Timothy DuPont,

Principal, Blue, a Design Company

Our Promise

To create a home that is uniquely yours by designing and implementing state-of-the-art technology to enhance your lifestyle seamlessly.

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