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March 2020

Do your part to the flatten the curve of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic by social distancing and keeping your hands clean with voice controlled smart home automation products like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and, expertly integrated by
Voice Control in the Time of COVID-19
March 31, 2020

We’ve all had our fill of hearing about the COVID-19 Coronavirus. It has changed the way we live our lives. Wash…

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Social Distancing is easier in your own home theater, streaming newly released movies from Universal Pictures.
Social Distancing with Entertainment from Universal Pictures
March 24, 2020

“Flattening the Curve” Social distancing…working from home in your pajamas, increasing your yoga points, and catching up on all the movies…

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Gorgeous custom designed furniture for your smart home theater by CinemaTech, expertly integrated by Acoustic Architects.
CinemaTech – An Interview with Alexandria Murphy
March 17, 2020

At just 30 years old, Alexandria Murphy has spent most of her life involved in CinemaTech! In middle school, she was…

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Nest Cam security doorbell and camera technology with Ring, Spaces, and the Nest app, makes smart home security easy. Expertly integrated by
Smart Home Horror – Nest Cam and the Creature in the Dark
March 10, 2020

The power had been out for almost 12 hours. I sat watching a few rescue vehicles race down the road from…

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Home automation with the Savant control system for smart lighting, smart bath, smart shading, and smart kitchen, expertly integrated by Acoustic Architects.
Stories on Responsive Living – Oiling the Perfect Machine
March 3, 2020

Smart technology should fix itself, right? Probably in the near future! But not quite yet. Even the finest technology needs a…

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