Séura, the American TV company that emerged from humble beginnings in a garage, has blossomed into an innovative company offering numerous, high-tech, flat screen SMART TV options. They bring everything to the table, and to your wall, with the Séura TV Mirror blending “…perfect harmony of technology and design so you can get more out of every space.” With Séura TVs, the possibilities are endless.

A style for every space

Entertainment TV Mirrors are perfect for hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Because the screen is flat and impossibly thin, the smaller TV Mirrors can be placed anywhere a medium-sized painting or frame could hang. Larger models add reflective depth and light to the space when not in use. Séura’s line of TV Mirrors is made with vanishing glass, “designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity while making it possible for a television to completely disappear when turned off.” The ease at which it transforms from a mirror to a viewing screen is absolutely magical.

Alternatively, Vanity Mirrors are an excellent option for bathrooms and dressing spaces, to optimize time management. Vanity Mirrors are available with Alexa, equipped with Android technology, and interface with Google. The display size is about 4 times the size of an iPad. You can access all of your digital information like email, calendar, and social media while getting dressed in the morning…even if your fingers are wet. The glass is waterproof and heat resistant. So there is no danger of damaging the Mirror.

Unique customization possibilities

Customizing options are numerous and available in several shapes and sizes. The TV Mirrors are built with polished edges, for an ultra-modern, sleek and sophisticated style. Séura Mirrors also come with a framing option to match your personal preference. “Séura offers more than 100 frame options to complement any design space. Make a statement with a colorful textured frame like Thornhill or Thalia, or go with a natural wood grain finish with Belmont or Hudson.”

What you see and what you don’t

Wiring, hardware, and speakers are designed to hide inside the wall, out of sight. They are placed inside the sheetrock with cords and wiring connected to the power source during the installation process. The TVs are engineered with ultra-high definition 4K UHD picture clarity, for striking resolution four times that of a regular HD device. The surface of the Mirror is absolutely sharp and flawless, providing impressive viewing quality.

Are you convinced yet?

Ultra-high definition picture quality and unmatched technological design in a package of vogue elegance! With so many sizes, styles and options, there is a Séura TV Mirror for every space. Add a little magic to your world, with Séura.

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