The Innovative Genius of Acoustic Architects

Acoustic Architects was founded when home automation was still in its infancy. The company was and continues to be a frontrunner in smart-home integration, bringing curated smart technology to a discerning clientele. With a cutting-edge team of designers and engineers always putting the clients’ needs first, Acoustic Architects consistently delivers a finished product that exceeds expectations.

How did this innovative company begin? Here is their story…

In March of 2008, Spencer Hauldren and Aaron Flint were co-managing a Hi-Fi shop in Coral Gables, Florida. It was just the beginning of audiovisual remote control consolidation into a universal remote capable of automating the sequencing of multiple electronics. Shortly thereafter, the integration of smart-lighting into universal remotes was added.

As the business grew, Flint and Hauldren realized there was not a single company on the market equipped to handle the quickly evolving home technology, their current employer included. The two looked at automation as a service business, rather than simply selling products. After researching other area companies, they found no one was offering what they envisioned. So they decided to start their own business based on a more comprehensive model of home automation as a client-centric full service.

Later that year Acoustic Architects was founded upon the concept of Responsive Living, the idea of automation as a way of fully connecting the client with their unique space. The two-man company quickly made a name for themselves as the go-to guys for home automation design and installation. And then they multiplied, attracting more and more innovative talent from various backgrounds.

Fast forward 10 years, Acoustic Architects is now an award-winning company for home automation and integration. In collaboration with top interior designers and architects, the team expertly creates tailor-made smart-home solutions for homeowners according to their individual lifestyles. Acoustic Architects has an undisputed reputation as a trusted luxury market provider for residential dwellings, commercial buildings, and yachts.

“We have the ability to change the way people experience their home environment. We are a part of the smart-home revolution and get to see clients’ faces when they walk into their houses supercharged with technology.”

-Aaron Flint

An impressive example of Acoustic Architects’ expertise is their hand in luxury high-rise projects, including Muse and Echo Brickell in South Florida. Seamlessly innovative smart-home systems have been integrated into the interior design of these residences in the sky. The advanced technology is monitored 24/7 for quality assurance and peace of mind. Residents of the dwellings enjoy flawless artistry combined with cutting-edge connectivity.

Acoustic Architects continues to be at the forefront of the automation revolution. Offering technology that integrates lighting, climate control, security, audio, entertainment, and more into one control system. Now, even the bathrooms are smart and can be controlled with your voice.

“Alexa, start my steam shower.”

With a team so passionate about smart home automation, something fresh and new is always on its way! We can only ask what’s next?

Spencer Hauldren

Aaron Flint

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