The Echo Brickell and Muse Sunny Isles are first fully integrated smart developments in South Florida

MIAMI, FL – June 2016 – Acoustic Architects has announced its collaboration with Property Markets Group (PMG – to bring innovative smart home technology to the Echo Brickell and the Muse, Sunny Isles, creating South Florida’s first fully integrated smart developments. The highly trained engineers and system designers of Acoustic Architects integrate state-of-the-art technology to the highest standards of luxury and design, engineering smart homes and enhancing the resident’s living experience.

According to BI Intelligence, the global smart home market is expected to reach $58.68 billion by 2020, with the US being the largest market.

While the concept of home integration has been in existence for decades, the market has witnessed profound growth only in the past five years. Because innovative concepts become more readily available, the real estate industry has witnessed a massive transformation.

Home owners embrace smart home concepts because they not only offer more efficient energy management but also provide better security, additional convenience, and customized comfort. While home integration is still highly exclusive in the US, smart homes are expected to become main stream in the next five to seven years.

The units in both the Echo Brickell and the Muse, Sunny Isles, are to be outfitted with smart lighting, audio, and WiFi technology. Savant hosts integrate the technology seamlessly, allowing the home to be controlled with the touch of a button on a dedicated app. Some of the units will also feature outdoor living spaces with smart televisions and audio systems.

“We are excited to partner with PMG on this cutting-edge business venture, and are delighted to introduce residents of both developments to what we call ‘Responsive Living’,” said Spencer Hauldren, Founder and Managing Partner at Acoustic Architects. “Their living spaces will literally respond to their touch and create surroundings tailored to their needs.”

About Acoustic Architects
Acoustic Architects is a full-service integration and automation provider for high-end commercial, residential and multiple dwelling units, as well as marine and private aircraft.
Spencer Hauldren and Aaron Flint founded the company in 2008 based on their passion to design custom state-of-the-art automation solutions that enhance the experience for the most discerning client.

Their team of highly trained engineers collaborates with top architects and interior designers to seamlessly integrate innovative technology with exceptional design.

Acoustic Architects coined the term ‘responsive living,’ putting their clients’ living spaces at their fingertips, using touch input, predictive automation, and a single app control. For more information, visit

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JP Sobrevilla, The Edge360