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By: Aaron Flint

Smart marine automation, including bespoke lighting, audio, video, constant network connectivity, Future Automation lifts, and the ability to monitor your properties on land at all times, expertly integrated by Acoustic Architects.
Stories on Responsive Living – The Smart Vessel
December 8, 2020

Experience the comforts of your smart home, along with the excitement of travel, all from your private seafaring vessel. With marine…

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The smartest security systems, cameras, and safe rooms, from the experts in CIA and FBI automated technology and personal protection; in partnership with Acoustic Architects.
The Highest Level of Smart Security for Personal Protection
November 23, 2020

As the world continues to adjust to current challenges and changes, civil unrest and opportunistic attacks are on the rise. It…

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Samsung’s The Wall—An Immersive Modular Viewing Experience
November 10, 2020

Modern media viewing has evolved to an elevated experience that, just a few years ago, was a futuristic fantasy from our…

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Control your smart home with facial recognition technology, expertly integrated by Acoustic Architects.
Create an Intuitive Home with Facial Recognition Technology
October 26, 2020

You can already use your face to unlock your phone—what about unlocking all of the smart technology in your home? Imagine…

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The S-line of products, including routers, switches, access points, mobile hotspots, and the Meural digital canvas artwork for your smart home; expertly integrated by
Savant & Netgear Partner to Create the S–Line for Smart Homes
October 13, 2020

An innovative suite of networking solutions, enhanced programs, and Savant support services come together to create the S-line of products, including…

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AMC and Universal deal make movies available for streaming 17 days after theatrical release date for enjoyment in your smart home theater.
AMC/Universal – Let Yourself Woah (From Home)
September 29, 2020

We all long for the pre-pandemic novelty of watching a highly-anticipated film in front of the big screen—the glamour, the mystique,…

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Become an expert chef with Hestan Cue's smart cooking system, including bluetooth, app, and recipes for your automated kitchen.
The Hestan Cue Smart System for Easy Culinary Perfection
September 15, 2020

Hestan Cue’s new smart line of cookware will have you obsessed with culinary adventures. No matter the size of your cooking…

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Uniform Tinting Halio Smart Glass from Kinestral tints and lightens in response to the sun, and integrates flawlessly into your smart home system.
Uniform Tinting Halio Smart Glass from Kinestral
August 31, 2020

Imagine smart glass technology that tints on-demand, quickly and uniformly….clearing just as rapidly as it darkens. Fast and eco-savvy Halio Glass…

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The Artison Studio single zone unit soundbar controls your entire smart home through the Savant Pro app, delivers WiSA technology, and studio quality music.
The New Savant Artison Studio Soundbar
August 18, 2020

Savant continues to be a frontrunner in smart home innovation. They’ve added an Artison Studio single zone unit soundbar, to their…

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Butterfly MX, an intercom system that allows you to manage your home from anywhere in the world with an app, a new class of intercom for ultimate security and convenience. Expertly integrated by Acoustic Architects.
Butterfly MX – Smart Access Control for Modern Buildings
August 4, 2020

Imagine an intercom system that allows you to manage your home from anywhere in the world. Butterfly MX has developed an…

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