Your home is intended to be a place of pure bliss, beauty and comfort; a place you come to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is no better way of making your home a little heaven than being fully in control. At Acoustic Architects, we specialize in providing you the ability to fully control your home right from where you are.

We are your one stop shop for excellent and award winning residential and commercial smart spaces. We design and create that reflects uniquely who you are while seamlessly enhancing your life using contemporary state-of-the-art technology.

Products we use
Acoustic Architects believe in high-end technology to deliver unmatched quality and serenity in your home. We use quality products in the design, integration and implementation of home automation processes.

Home Automation
Keep your home at your command with a carefully integrated system that will bring everything in your control at the touch of a screen. You will not only be able to control audio and video but other things like lighting alarms and shades.

Sound is an important component in a smart home. We use sound from established audio appliance makers and renowned brands like Bang & Olufsen to ensure your movie pictures have a powerful audio backing and the music is soulful.

There is variety when it comes to projection screens and televisions. From BeoVision Avant to a whole lot of them, we ensure that each brand lives us to its legend. There is everything to choose from; compact, large, wide viewing angles, sleek thin profiles, the works. We like to ensure that your entertainment is top-notch and therefore we use only the best when it comes to audio-visual experience; the Bang&Olufsen BeoVision Avant.

BeoVision Avant
BeoVision, Powered by the dynamic Android TV, brings cinematic excellence into your living room. Easy access to internet based content has never been this easy. There is the whole package; from games to news and entertainment. Google Cast lets you share movies, music and images right from your tablet or mobile phone. Other features include;

Groundbreaking bespoke sound
Bang&Olufsen are world renown in setting standards in matters sound. The 3- channel speakers on the BeoVision Avant put to work two bass drivers, three midrange and two dedicated tweeters to achieve clarity and power that showcases Bang and Olufsen prowess in audio craftsmanship.

The sound can be customized depending on the room orientation and listening position. You can go further and refine the sound output into individual sound zones for clarity.

Contrasted imagery
You get to experience crystal clear, sharp and dynamic accuracy viewership with the Ultra High-Definition (4K) through more than 8 million pixels.

Dynamic picture modes
The intuitive Adaptive Mode automatically and progressively adjusts the picture to optimize your viewing experience.

Crafted material
BeoVision Avant employs high-end reflection coating on both the front and back of the dual-layer reinforced covering glass to dampen screen reflections.

Explore the full collection of features and experience exemplary white glove services that will redefine the entertainment experience in your home.