What’s better than having a fully automated smart home when it comes to bringing all of your electronics together? Having high-end electronic equipment like Bang & Olufsen at the center of that smart home of course! For those who live in the South Florida market, when installing your new BeoSound 2 system, integrating new high-end speakers and amplifiers, or connecting your new home intrusion monitoring system to work alongside your home theater system, Acoustic Architects is the company to call!

Experience working with high-end products
When choosing your Bang & Olufsen line of products to install into your fully automated home, our professional technicians have experience working with various types of equipment. From your BeoSound 2 to a BeoVision 11 TV set, to your new BeoLab 90 speakers, we have seen it all and done it all.

We can fully integrate all of these pieces of equipment into your home automation system, alongside your other electronic equipment (stereo, amplifiers, home monitoring system, etc), in order to create a truly “smart” home. We work with high-end, high-priced equipment, so we know how to handle these items. We guarantee precision in our work and guarantee only the top, dedicated, most experienced team will be sent to your home, to install or upgrade your current system.

Industry leaders in home automation
Because our customers want everything to work quickly, seamlessly, and effortlessly, we have dedicated our services to providing just that for our customers. At Acoustic Architects, we pride ourself on being the market leader in South Florida, providing the best installation and upgrades for your home’s automation needs. We not only teach customers how their new system will work, but we provide full-service guarantees and warranties on all installation and services we provide.

If you are ready to have a fully integrated home or office, would like a quote for installing your new Bang & Olufsen equipment, or simply want to learn more about how your smart home will work, our team at Acoustic Architects is here for you. Visit our site or contact us to learn more about our services, how we can streamline your home, or have a technician visit your home to provide a quote for installation services.