Belgium based Basalte combines European design elegance and innovative technology to create innovative keypads and accessories for discerning clients with great taste. Essentially, a luxurious way of controlling the smart home. They’ve steadily expanded into the rest of the European market, Asia, Australia, and the mid-east. Tom Lambrecht, the company’s US Business Development Manager, gave us the exclusive scoop on this unique company.

Design for the Intelligent Home

Acoustic Architects: What was the inception of your company?
Tom Lambrecht: It was founded in 2008 by a married couple, Klaas and Sandra, and is still family-owned. Klaas is an engineer and used to be a system integrator for high-end homes in Europe. Sandra is an interior designer. Thus the slogan, “We make design products for the intelligent home.” Clients were asking for aesthetically refined controls, so Klaas developed a touch-sensitive keypad. And Sandra was able to help with the timeless yet unique design. The multifunctional design keypad was the first (and still is) Basalte’s front-running product.

What is behind the company’s unique name, Basalte?
Basalt is a dark, fine-grained, igneous rock underlying more of the Earth’s surface than any other type of rock and can be found around the globe. Like the rock from which Basalte takes its name, we are determined to create strong products of outstanding durability, yet which remain aligned to their essential function. Beautiful and natural on the outside, but solid, strong, and multi-layered on the inside.

What sets your company apart from competitors in your field?
Our product is built for the end-user with a distinct focus and vision to make design solutions that are fun and intuitive to use. Whereas some companies are focused on either design or technology, Basalte focuses equally on both.

About Home Automation

What is the range of home technology that Basalte is producing?
The Basalte keypads, a small minimalist flush motion sensor, which is almost invisible, and matching outlets. We also have the Via step light, for hallways, steps, or home theaters and an elegant, high-quality docking station for iPad.

How has smart home automation brought value to the way people experience their dwelling space?
The advantage of these systems is that they bring all the technology together. Automating daily actions to minimize tasks makes life easier and brings comfort. For example, a motion sensor that turns lights on and then automatically turns them off again when you leave the hallway, saves time and brings peace of mind.

Tell us about the designer keypads.
The keypads have two or four buttons for direct functions like controlling lights and shades. And also includes a full-hand multitouch option like a general on and off switch. So, you don’t have to think about it or even look at it. It provides simplicity and comfort for controlling the lighting, shading, and other smart technologies in the home. The keypads come in aluminum, bronze, brass, glass, and leather finishes.

On the subject of smart home products and accessories, what are your clients most excited about?
The design and usability of keypads and iPad docks. Ours offers a refined minimalist style that is easy to the eye and straight forward. The design catches your attention but it’s the great usability that captures you.

What type of homes do we find Basalte designer technology in?
The product blends well in every luxury home because there are so many options for finishes. From modern straight lines to traditional elegance and even the occasional castle, the Basalte design is perfect for the most bespoke homes.

What drives you about the evolution of smart home automation?
The most interesting thing about the smart home market is making sure that all the components in a home remain tied together in one system and are still easy to use. Starting from the perspective of the end-user, we must continue to make stylish innovative technology that all speaks to the system flawlessly…and looks fantastic at the same time.

About Acoustic Architects

When did you first meet Acoustic Architects?
It was years ago, at a CEDIA Expo. Acoustic Architects saw the quality of Basalte products at the show, then they reached out to us.

How has your relationship with Acoustic Architects changed over the years?
They have always kept Basalte in their mind for high-end clients and we’ve maintained a great personal relationship. Basalte presents value to home integrators like Acoustic Architects, to position them as a design technology provider. They keep up with how Basalte is evolving and they‘ve given a lot of product feedback to us, which helps us all design better home automation products for discerning clients.

What do you value the most about collaborating with Acoustic Architects?
We’ve built an open dialogue and responsiveness because we keep presenting Acoustic Architects with new ideas. This has built valuable trust between the two companies.

And last but not least…what does the future look like for Basalte?
We are working toward making a complete control system that can command a comprehensive product range, with an app. We’re already doing that in the European and Asian markets. And we will continue to build the best possible version of each segment, whether it’s keypads, sensors, apps and more. We will grow in a durable way internationally as an organization that provides top quality products and top quality support for the dealers, keeping up with rapidly evolving technology to stay​ innovative​ in smart home control, however, always building on a great personal level with our clients and partners worldwide.

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

If you would like to learn more about elegant Basalte keypads and iPad docks, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you.

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