Illuminate your space with Ketra
and feel seamlessly connected to nature

We design and install Ketra smart lighting.

Personalized Smart Lighting for your unique lifestyle.

Ketra is designed to mimic the dynamic nature of sunlight indoors.

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Bring Natural Light Indoors

Ketra’s Natural Light replicates both sunlight and firelight, humanity’s source of life.

Beautiful, tunable, and customizable.

Ketra is a revolution in LED lighting supporting how humans experience indoor environments.

Infinite Colors

Light embodies mood – and Ketra sets the tone perfectly for any ocassion.

Ketra + Homeworks QS

Compatible with the full suite of voice control tools that work with HWQA, including Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit & Josh AI.

Ketra Products

D3 Downlight Family

D4R Retrofit Downlight

G2 Linear

S30 Track Luminaire

S38 Track Luminaire






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