Miami-born and raised Brent Wright, who made a professional career in the European basketball league founded the institution in 2013.  His inspiration stemmed from gratitude he holds for his childhood mentors, who helped him achieve his goals. His successful basketball career allowed him to give back to the Miami community by setting up an alternative K-12 grade school.

The mission of the academy is “…to provide a Private K-12 school that will provide a safe and nurturing environment for children, by fostering an engaging and educational atmosphere which will promote each child’s unique social, emotional, physical, technology, and cognitive development with a strong emphasis on arts and technology.” The academy is located in the metropolitan Miami, Florida area of Liberty City, and is focused on leading inner-city kids toward a brighter future.

The B Wright Leadership Academy has an impressive profile. The student-to-teacher ratio is 1:19. Students are assessed individually and then “…challenged with an articulated curriculum that allows children to learn according to their strengths.” Throughout primary grades and into middle school, students are set up to succeed in a nurturing environment with education standards that are at the peak for the 21st Century, which ensures a successful transition into the High School program. At the Senior High level, students have the choice of nearly 300 courses and are immersed in a college preparatory track. When students enter 9th grade, a Guidance Counselor works with the students and parents to design a plan for the 4-year academic career, with the students’ goals in mind. Students are also assigned a College Advisor in grade 11, to prepare them for College entry.

The ideology of the B Wright Leadership Academy has been an amazing improvement in education outcomes for inner-city pupils. Attendance is at 94% compared to the national average of 86% (according to data of 14% chronic absenteeism), and the inner city school attendance average of 70.4% (2015 data on low income students in Florida). The school has grown from 30 students in their first year, to 250 students in only 4 years. Middle school students show a 30-40% gain in information retention, which further enriches their ability to do well and move on to Senior High.

The school is expected to implement Trivie, an educational program focused on increasing information retention, by discovering personal learning styles, and using science-based learning tactics. Trivie developed their concepts based on the fact that within 30 days or less, learners forget up to 80% of what has been presented, so the company came up with games that present students with retrieval practice and adaptive learning. Trivie is another tool to make sure each and every student thrives.

Each quarter, the academy has events to raise funds for Tablets to enhance the students’ learning experience. The school also depends on a certain amount of philanthropy to stay at the top of its educational game. Current fundraising priorities are the Care (K-5) Before and After School Program, Care Plus (6th – 12th) Before and After School Program, B. Wright Leadership Academy’s Athletic Program, B. Wright Summer Leadership Camp, and Academy Marlins FUNraiser and additional funds for new educational products and materials.

Would you like to support the incredible difference that  B Wright Leadership Academy is making in the lives of Liberty City students? Donating is easy. You can use Amazon Smile, a feature on your Amazon Prime account to send 0.5% of every purchase directly to the Academy.

Amazon Smile set-up for B Wright Leadership Academy charitable donations

To choose the B Write Leadership Academy as your default Amazon Smile charity, follow these simple steps in your account.

STEP 1: Type:

STEP 2: Go to the “Account and Lists” tab and select “Your Amazon Smile”

STEP 3: If you already have a default charity, you will have to first click “Change your Charity.” Otherwise just type in “B Wright Leadership Academy” in the search box. Click the “Select” box aside the option for “B Wright Leadership Academy, Inc.”

Done! Now 0.5% of your Amazon purchases will go to supporting the Brent Wright Leadership Program. Thank you for supporting the students at B Wright Leadership Academy!


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