At just 30 years old, Alexandria Murphy has spent most of her life involved in CinemaTech! In middle school, she was sorting leather samples and making labels for the innovative theater seating. And the Dallas-based company now has its exclusive mark on countless luxurious residences across the United States and the world. 

Here is our interview with one of the most dynamic women in smart home automation today.

Exceptional Home Theater Design

Acoustic Architects: What was the inception of CinemaTech?
Alexandria Murphy: My father started the business with one of our neighbors who was at the time building a high-end estate. The equipment they needed to make the theater room they envisioned was there, but the furnishings were not. That hole in the market led to the birth of CinemaTech.

How did you get pulled into the family business?
I went to undergrad in Boston and worked in a marketing/consulting firm there after graduation. Then, about six years ago, my father asked me to join the company and take on the Northeastern market. Because I am very entrepreneurial, it seemed like the perfect role for me. So I joined the company with a mission of growing that market, building new relationships, and elevating CinemaTech to new heights. My father has incredibly high standards so I knew I would have to work really hard. And it paid off. 

What took you back to your hometown of Dallas?
I moved back to take on more of a leadership role three years ago and really learned the internal ins/outs of the business side. It was important to me that I was in the same office as the executive team so I could be mentored and learn from them firsthand. As the company grew, it was also helpful too.  I am now heavily involved in the operations and manufacturing side of the business which is a great opportunity to be part of. 

What sets your company apart from competitors in your field, making your company unique?
Quality! No one can stay in this high-end residential market if they do not strive for exceptional quality and design. We specialize in creating unique theater furnishings for each individual customer. We don’t overcommit. We support every project from beginning to end and deliver on time, on-budget, and with maximum efficiency. And we always make it right if we do make a mistake. Quality, design, and customer service are very important to us and we are able to offer not just seating, but design service and acoustic engineering. We are a one-source solution in the space. 

Describe some of your luxury sofas and chaises.
They are beautiful! A lot of time and energy goes into creating each piece. They are designed and built by our partners in Germany. European manufacturing is incredible because of the sustainability, longevity, and quality of materials. Everything is hand-stitched and tested against thousands of hours of use to ensure that it can withstand the test of time. 

What is your strategy for creating the perfect theater seating for your clients?
Listening to the customer and knowing what their needs are first. And then finding that optimum balance between design style and functionality. What they want and need has to fit the space from a functional standpoint, but also meet and exceed all the needs from an aesthetic standpoint. So we work together to blend all of that into a lasting product that is beautiful and perfect for the space. 

What is your design style…modern…traditional? 
Both and neither. We create seating that is timeless, with styles that appeal to everyone. We apply Euro design that can be more modern, but also include styles made in the US. Everything can be custom and built to order.  

The Acoustic Architects Connection

When did you first meet Acoustic Architects?
I met Aaron Flint about five years ago through our AMI rep in Florida. AMI spoke incredibly highly of AA and thought our businesses would be a great fit together. 

Aaron and I had a great rapport right away. He is very forward-thinking and I greatly respect his energy and vision. Acoustic Architects immediately saw the value in CinemaTech as a true theater partner, that we could come in and advise on design, acoustics, and seating while they brought the expertise on the audio-video side. One of the first projects we did together was a room that had a lot of unique design characteristics. We took that room and made it into a theater, and then the partnership took off. 

How has your relationship with Acoustic Architects changed over the years?
We know each other and how our companies work more now, which really makes our projects fun, smooth, and successful. We have done a lot of projects together so we both have a clear understanding of how our processes work from beginning to end. There is true trust and respect for what both parties bring to the project. Anytime you are fortunate enough to work with a company that is forward-thinking and innovative, it’s so much fun. Acoustic Architects have continued to bring beautiful, high-quality service to their customers, so their business just keeps growing and growing and we are extremely fortunate to be part of that journey. 

How are you and Acoustic Architects working symbiotically to meet each other’s needs?
They consistently bring great clients to CinemaTech. And always ask the right questions in order to find out if CinemaTech is the right resource for that client. We’ve found that our limitations are each other’s strengths. So we lean on one another and find really excellent ways of approaching projects so we can deliver the best, most beautiful results to the homeowner while making it easier on the other trades on the project.

What do you value the most about collaborating with Acoustic Architects?
They deliver what they say they will deliver, at the highest quality, in a partnership type of dynamic. They are fun to work with. We are definitely rowing a boat in the same direction, we want the same thing, and we are working together to get there. They treat their vendors as true partners, which in return motivates our team to work as hard as possible to deliver the absolute best project for them and their clients. 

The Smart Home

What is the secret to the best smart home theater lighting?
Designing lighting plans that are unique, functional, and beautiful. Lighting is a great way to bring in different styles and change the mood of the theater. Lighting serves a lot of different purposes in the room, from using bright light for cleaning purposes to creating wow factor such as a star ceiling. The theater room is no longer just a space to watch a movie, it’s a gathering space in the house for sports, socializing, music, and more. Lighting can help make all this possible. Lighting can go behind columns, overhead, sconces, in fiber-optic strings..there are so many options. But you can’t just stick it anywhere. It has to be expertly integrated. CinemaTech designers attend lighting training, spend time researching, create intricate concepts, and know how to source the best products for all kinds of spaces. 

How do you approach acoustics in your design plans?
CinemaTech offers a patented product, the Acoustic Room System, designed to optimize every room based on the unique layout of that space. No two rooms are the same. Our system has a three-property system that allows us to model the acoustics per the dimensions/ratio of the room, seating layout, equipment package, ceiling heights, and many other factors. Acoustics are largely misunderstood in the theater. There is sound within the room and the sound that is leaving the room. We can provide knowledge on sound isolation and consult on the best products to use. However, we are true experts on sound within the room. At CinemaTech we truly believe acoustics should be considered part of the technical package so all the beautiful equipment purchased performs exactly as it needs to. The question is always, “Where does the sound go before it hits the ear?”

Has the growth of home automation shaped the field for CinemaTech?
Absolutely, people are really excited about integrating home cinemas and media rooms into the design of their home. I have personally seen so many customers put theaters on the main level or somewhere easily accessible in the house because they truly want it to be a space to gather and enjoy media. Consumers are more aware of technology and how much joy it brings into their daily lives. And they are more excited and eager than ever to create that in their homes. 

What is your favorite smart product currently on the market?
All things CinemaTech!

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

If you would like to learn more about stylish innovative furnishings for your home theater, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you.

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