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Discover the many ways automation can be seamlessly integrated into diverse commercial dwellings. Combining thoughtful craftsmanship with smart efficiency, responsive design optimizes the capabilities of each unique space.

Motorized Shades

Building Management
Energy Management
Digital Signage
Video Distribution

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Consider the innovative possibilities

Smart Lighting

In collaboration with design professionals, we create a flawless canvas of tunable, dimmable, more natural, and colorful lighting options, for a richer and healthier experience.

Climate Control &
Automated Shades

Embrace energy-efficient design for maximum comfort with voice-activated shades and smart climate control. Stylish dependability for a consistently luxurious atmosphere.

Acoustics & Visuals

Crystal clear screens, smart TV’s, and HiFi speakers seamlessly blend into your interior design, controlled with voice and touch options to create the perfect ambiance for your commercial space.

Smart Solutions for Modern Commercial Spaces



Influence every perceivable component of the guest experience with light, music, and climate control for a cool comfortable atmosphere, that is sure to captivate and create loyalty to your brand.



Increase productivity and creativity with light attuned to the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Automated AV technology flawlessly enhances the connectivity and efficiency of the smart office space.



Gain a competitive upper edge with lighting, shading, and sound to influence mood, imagination, and the overall experience of your eatery and culinary artistry.



Tunable light offers infinite spectrums, enhancing the appearance of each object while helping preserve precious artifacts. Shading controls sunlight throughout the day. Musical rhythm adds to the story of each unique display.



Intentionally designed lighting draws in attention and highlights merchandise to perfection. Acoustic ambiance and climate control further enhance the experience, creating a jovial carefree mood for the shopper.

Create the perfect ambiance and optimize efficiency.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working together with AA for several years now and on many projects.”
Timothy DuPont, Principal, Blue, a Design Company


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