• Effortless, seamless, creative control of your space.

Crestron Home – Simply Smart

Lighting, shading, climate, audio, video, and entertainment technologies, all harmonized into one intuitive control system.

Your Idea of Home

Tap, swipe, or speak, then watch, feel, and experience your Crestron home change, exactly as you desire it.

Large Estate Homes

Crestron custom solutions answer the needs of large estate homes, including bespoke security, lighting, and entertainment systems for a truly unique dwelling.


Connected at Home

Crestron designs, manufactures, and supports every component in your home so it responds to you.

Experience constant connection tailored to your unique lifestyle.

Climate Control

Control heating, cooling, and humidity from virtually anywhere for the perfect interior climate.

Subtle remote temperature and humidity sensors gather information and adjust temperatures flawlessly.

Smart Shading

Crestron’s Quiet Motor Technology™ features a brushless motor design for silent, dependable, lasting shading solutions.

Automated shading creates an aesthetic of beauty, convenience, and eco-savvy comfort throughout the home.

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Vastly versatile and adjustable accessories.
  • Partnering with Hartmann&Forbes for ultra-high-end fabrics.
  • Color-match roller shades to blend with any interior design.

Smart Lighting

Set your home’s lighting to do what you want, when you want it, for your perfect comfort level.

Dim, brighten, warm, cool, and set the scene with voice commands or simple taps of your Crestron control pad.

The Horizon Line
from Crestron

Control lights, music, shades, and more with dimmers and keypads that are customizable for design consistency.

Innovative outlets, duplex outlets, USB chargers, and ethernet connectors to maintain your home’s cohesive aesthetic.

Smart Security

Best-in-class technology for ultimate peace of mind, at home or away.


Open your home’s gates from the office, ensure the garage is locked from your phone, open doors using fingerprint recognition.

The Crestron Home app lets you view, listen, talk, and access entry points from multiple touch screens throughout your home.


Unparalleled smart audio & video for indoor and outdoor living spaces.

simultaneous viewing

Crestron DigitalMedia™ offers 4K viewing with multi-window processing to display four or more channels at once.

Endless media from
one easy source

Enjoy Apple TV, Netflix, cable, satellite, and gaming on every TV with a touch of a button or voice command.

Social conferencing & automated home office spaces

Interactive conferencing and home office space for the new normal.

Control Zoom conferencing with family and friends through your remote, on your TV, from the comfort of your couch. No tablet or laptop needed.

For large or small meetings, Flex MX connects you with Microsoft Teams or Zoom calls from your kitchen, home office, or even your patio.

Custom Solutions

Crestron is the most customizable whole-home system available for unique spaces.


Tailor-made for you

Your home exactly the way you want it, a bespoke canvas where you can create any scene imaginable.

Immense fabric selections, endless lighting options, creative designs, and remote technical support, exactly when you need it.

Crestron offers one complete system to make your home uniquely yours with lighting, sound, entertainment, security, shades, and work and social conferencing, in a virtually invisible and seamlessly integrated experience.

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    • Our Promise

      To create a home that is uniquely yours by
      designing and implementing state-of-the-art
      technology to enhance your lifestyle seamlessly.

    • Our Promise

      To create a home that is uniquely yours by
      designing and implementing state-of-the-art
      technology to enhance your lifestyle seamlessly.