A home outfitted with smart technology is the perfect venue for an unforgettable dinner party. It grants you the freedom to enjoy everything about your home environment while you host and entertain the people who are important to you. Savant scene selections and voice control capabilities allow you to adjust settings and program your home in advance for a single evening and many more to come.  

Imagine preparing for a small gathering of friends…

With the tapas are arrayed on mahogany serving boards. The manchego almond stuffed date hors d’oeuvres sizzle in the oven. Uncork a bottle of Burgundy and share a toast with your partner before the guests arrive. The oven presets reduce to warming temperature automatically after the cooking time is complete.

As one hand balances the wine glass, and the other pours olive oil in a serving bowl, you utilize voice commands to set the scene for “cocktail hour” with your guests.  With a few words your automated home system knows exactly what to do. Mood lighting highlights recessed spaces of the living room, the fireplace flickers with ambient warmth, and a mix of hipster happy hour bounces off the acoustics of your walls, floors and ceilings, creating the perfect atmosphere to welcome your guests. Your white wine and champagne bottles are in the dual zone smart wine cooler maintaining the perfect temperature for the party.

With all of the initial details taken care of, you can disappear for a few minutes to put on the cocktail dress. You tell Alexa to turn up the voice enabled smart mirror to the highest setting. With your features fully illuminated, you add a bit of red lipstick and feel ready for an evening of socializing in your fabulous home.

Your partner takes the job of monitoring the gate to your property from his phone. He spies on guests as they arrive within view of the Axis security camera, and opens the gate for them with his app. With another tap, he turns on the outside speakers to send music to the front deck of the house, setting a festive mood.  

You chat to a couple of your friends as you watch the sunset through the west windows. The interior of the house starts to grow a bit dark. You select “dinner” from your list of scenes on the wall mount iPad, changing the mood again. Pendant lights illuminate above you and the music changes to a warm subdued melody. You invite your guests to join you in the dining room.

As all of you make your way over to the table, you catch your partner’s eye and subtly motion to the patio doors leading to the outdoor living space. With a tap of his app, the doors slide open with ease to let in the cool night air. The fire pits outside light up, creating the perfect atmosphere. Dinner is served, drinks are poured, your guests enjoy a playlist of ecstatic rhapsody and fall into the energy of the evening.

You sit back and take it all in. A moment to unwind with good friends, great food, and soulful tunes.. You notice conversation flowing naturally while the fires burn inside and out. Food and libations are enjoyed, candles flicker continuously, and the endless stream of songs play on for hours.

Acoustic Architects, founded by Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, design automated spaces to seamlessly enhance their clients lifestyles with the addition of smart-home technology.  Flint and Hauldren coined their concept, “Responsive Living,” which allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, adding value and attractiveness to your home.

If you would like to experience the true essence of Responsive Living, feel free to connect with us. It will be our pleasure to schedule a demo with you.

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