After almost two years since beginning our collaboration with Echo Brickell, the exclusive residential high-rise project, the process of delivering the state of the art units is now underway. As one of the first condominium communities in South Florida, and the country, to provide full smart home control as a standard feature, Property Markets Group (PMG), in association with Acoustic Architects has been paving the way for the home of the future.

Located in the heart of Brickell, South Florida’s foremost financial district, the 57 story building consists of 180 individual units, all designed and programmed to include lighting, shading, HVAC, and entertainment control, all from a single app.

The planning and building of a high rise, or any structure for that matter, often have many moving parts, that are necessary to translate a design from an architect’s blueprints, to inhabitable spaces. From mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design that provide the very basic functioning of a residence, to the interior decor that makes these units desirable living spaces, many key players take part in the realization of these projects.

Until recently, smart home technology was often an afterthought, and resigned to be retrofitted after the entire building had already been executed. With good design, there was room to adjust for future improvements, but often, that was not the case. Luckily, developers like PMG have been designing with the future in mind, and through their partnership with Acoustic Architects, have made it possible for home automation to be a standard commodity via Savant technology.

In accordance with our ongoing relationship with PMG and Echo Brickell, Acoustic Architects is offering a white-glove service to the building’s residents. As part of the closing process, we are giving the residents a full walkthrough of their new smart home systems, including a thorough overview of its capabilities, and setup of personal services (Pandora, Tidal, Spotify, Netflix, etc.).

While Android and iOS users will have full control of their home through the Savant app on their phones, every unit comes equipped with an on-wall iPad capable of accessing all smart home functionalities. To ensure our clients have the highest quality in their homes, we have equipped their units with Savant, Lutron, Sony, Sonance, and Apple systems, all available for upgrade and customization to meet specific requirements upon the client’s request.

While several years ago the thought of implementing this caliber of technology into one’s home seemed farfetched, it is now becoming increasingly more common to future-proof homes from the early stages of construction, and make sure that they are prepared for whatever new advancements may come. This was our goal with Echo Brickell: we wanted to provide all of our clients with the control that every homeowner deserves, and prove that it could be done on a large scale.

At Acoustic Architects, we like to encourage responsive living, and Echo Brickell is no different. Whether it’s a single-family home, or one of 180, your technology should always work for you, and that is the standard we strive to achieve with all of our projects, including Echo Brickell.

Being at the forefront of such challenging endeavors is very exciting, but we can only hope that others follow suit, as this can only mean improvements in the quality of technology, and in turn, quality of life. For more information on this and other projects, visit us at