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A Holistic Approach to Lighting

From start to finish, our collaborative process
enables creative visions to become bespoke realities.

The design experience to fully realize your vision.

Innovative architecture and bespoke interior design rely on precise lighting to truly shine. Whether it subtly sets the mood with concealed fixtures or dominates a space with a bold presence, lighting is an essential part of any project.

Lighting Design

A space is defined by the light within it. We have the experience, knowledge, and partnerships to create custom projects with precise lighting design.

Echo Brickell Penthouse

“Lighting design and lighting fixture selections
are fundamental for creating the
envisioned design and experience.”

Jarrod Fox, Manager of Architectural Lighting

Lighting Management

From procurement to completion, we guide the process, collaborate with interior designers and architects, and work with trades to ensure perfect execution and provide finishing touches.

Lighting Consulting

The perfect space begins with an architect or designer’s creative concept. Then, we apply industry knowledge, experience, and the right fixtures to turn bright ideas into luminous reality.

Lighting Procurement

Let’s start at the beginning. Our team will review projects and delve into information,
then provide informed feedback and guidance that will assist design and construction every step of the way.

We partner with the most innovative and design-driven lighting brands.

Lighting Projects

Di Lido Residence

K Residence

Ocean House

Di Lido Residence

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