As befits the hustle and bustle of springtime, May was a busy month for new product launches. From bathrooms to theater rooms, from audio to climate control, advancements in technology are geared to make this spring an exciting one in home automation. 

The Connected Bathroom

Self-care has been of utmost importance during the past year, but possibilities for leaving the house to seek relaxation have been limited. In response, the long-time leader in bathroom design, Kohler, is making it easy for homeowners to enjoy an effortlessly spa-like experience at the sound of their voice.

The Kohler bathtub benefits from two new smart technologies. PerfectFill voice control allows for safe, exact filling, while maintaining precise temperatures and water levels. Stillness technology allows for water, steam, lighting, and aroma to be personalized to create the perfect relaxing mood. The endless combinations are sure to melt away stress.

The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet has all the customization options of a smart bath, but in a toilet. Lighting, temperature, and many more preferences can be controlled by a simple voice command, allowing for personalization as well as providing a touchless, more hygienic surface. In addition, settings can be saved for each family member, giving everyone their own preferred experience. Kohler has certainly given homeowners every possible option for ease and calm in their bathrooms.

Home Theater Advances 

Sony issued their TV lineup for 2021 and there’s a lot to be excited about. Of especial note is the new 100 inch 4K LED X92 TV, perfect for an impressive home theater. They also introduced a new AI processor that analyzes several aspects of the image together and makes adjustments for a hyper-realistic picture. Additions to Sony’s OLED line as well as the inclusion of Google TV in all models means that finding the perfect fit for your home is easy.

Stewart Filmscreen, meanwhile, has put the focus on sound in their home theater systems. They recently released the audio-focused Harmony G2, a newly designed weave for screens that provides the most lifelike visuals while also allowing speakers to be placed directly behind it. It delivers acoustic transparency without sacrificing visual quality. The result is a viewing and listening experience designed to emulate a live performance, perfect for pleasing the most discerning audiophile.

Savant Earns Several CEPro Awards

CEPro, the consumer electronic magazine, has awarded Savant several of their Quest for Quality awards for 2020. The home automation company earned the highest accolade in the category of Best Consumer-Facing Website but also gained mention in the categories of Best Shipping Policies and Best COVID-19 Response. In these difficult times, Savant has gone above and beyond to ensure that interacting with their company is as easy as using their products.

Crestron Horizon Thermostat

Crestron has released a new addition to their Horizon line that should excite anyone familiar with their discreet yet highly functional home solution products. The Horizon Thermostat takes the sleek aesthetics of the line to a new level. But this thermostat isn’t all looks. It integrates seamlessly into home automation systems and learns from routines as well as from its onboard sensors in order to deliver the most comfortable, convenient, and energy-efficient home environment as easily as possible. 

Bowers and Wilkins Releases Wireless Earbuds

Audio aficionados will rejoice to learn that Bowers and Wilkins, longtime purveyor of speakers to the illustrious Abbey Road Studios, has announced its addition to the wireless earbud market. The pi5 and pi7 both use superior technology from Qualcomm, multiple speakers, and advanced noise-canceling capabilities to produce ultra-clear, pure sound. Google Assistant compatibility connects these tiny powerhouse earbuds to your home automation system. Take your playlist out for a run, and before you finish that last mile, you can have your bathroom lights on and your post-workout shower flowing. 

This month gave us a lot to consider in terms of products that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in-home tech. 

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

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