Apple concluded its Worldwide Developers Conference this year by announcing a new product: A smart home speaker known as HomePod. Packing some fancy musical features and a smarter Siri, the new product is looking to simultaneously arm twist Amazon’s Echo as well as suplex’ Sonos. But what is so unique or special about the device that the tech giant is claiming will revolutionize home music? Here is what you need to know:

Awash with many handy features

Weighing 2.5kg and measuring 172 mm by 142 mm, the unit features real time acoustic modeling, an A8 chipset, multi channel echo cancellation as well as audio beam forming. This basically means it can detect its surrounding and control it so as to deliver the best possible sound. In addition, the product has a high excursion woofer and a customized amplifier with 7 tweeters blended with high-quality sound engineering transparent studio level dynamic processing for the smartest sound ever.

A great alternative to your HomeKit hub

Though Apple’s Homekit was not received well by many, this Siri powered unit will certainly twist things around. HomePod will not only give users voice control of Homekit supported accessories, but it will also allow you to control your Hue lights without touching your iPhone. Before needed an Apple Tv to control your Homekit when you are out of the house, but with HomePod you can easily do it remotely even without purchasing Apple’s set top box.

Siri brings some amazing musical features

Though Google Home and Amazon Echo are good smart assistants, HomePod brings a little bit more into the game. You cannot only ask Siri to play what you want, but you can also ask her other questions including “when was this song recorded?”, “Who is the vocalist on this song?” and so on. Also, it is architected to work flawlessly with Apple music.

Blends Sonos Play and a Smart Speaker

Amazon Alexa will start working with Sonos speakers soon, but HomePod has already blended the 2 ideas: Voice control and a high-end speaker system.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of competition in the smart speaker industry but Apple’s HomePod speaker stands out. Coming later this year and looking like a mini Mac Pro in a sweater, the speaker has a deep and rich sound that will certainly blow other similar products out of the water. It comes in both space gray and white colors and is designed with a Wi-Fi speaker plus an in built digital assistant to make your experience enjoyable and seamless.

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