Summer’s a warm memory, but the cool seasons are an opportunity to turn to the Danish concept of hygge and couple it with connectivity for a smart cup of cozy.

Say “Hi!” to Hygge 

Hygge is the quality of coziness that cultivates feelings of comfort and contentment, a staple of Danish culture. It started trending here in the States before the pandemic swept through our lives, creating chaos and uncertainty. What better time to return to this concept, which emphasizes simple pleasures, organic textures, quality time with others, and surrounding oneself with that which fosters contentment?

For the Danes, hygge is a necessity during the long, dark winters. For Miami, those winters aren’t so deep and cold. However, you can still capture that same essence and use it to infuse your fall and coming winter when the days grow shorter and the air cooler.

Hygge-inspired Home

You already know that tuning your Lutron lighting fixtures to mimic circadian rhythms is best for your being—mentally, emotionally, and physically. As daylight dwindles earlier, your home’s hues will simmer sooner with glowing sunset shades that put you in mind of a toasty fireplace in Aspen après ski. Take it a step further and pre-program a scene, so that “Play Colorado Snow,” cues lighting, raises the thermostat, and plays “The Best Relaxing Fireplace Session 1” playlist on Spotify (or turns on your TV and streams popular fireplace episodes on Netflix). If you have a fireplace, you can equip it with smart technology, and even connect it to your Crestron Home System, to schedule when it turns on and off, control flame height and temperature, and more. 

Why not change your TV from a blank screen into a canvas? Blackdove can cultivate hygge with idyllic scenes, wintry wonderlands, and glowing landscapes. Not only can they add splashes of color and texture to your walls, but they can also cultivate those feelings of pleasure and happiness whenever your eye falls on them throughout the day.

Get Chilly…And Cozy

As Sebastian Aristotelis of SAGA Space Architects describes it: “Hygge is this feeling… imagine that you are inside a tent and it’s raining but you’re underneath a blanket, completely dry and comfortable and you can hear the sound of the rain outside.” Why not go the opposite route of a toasty hearth and set an arctic scene? The contrast of being in your warm, comfortable home while subtly shimmering blues and greens create a Northern Lights feel will only make you feel extra cozy. Light long white tapers and let the wine warm your toes. Cook up your famous crave-worthy comfort food (maybe Grandma’s lasagna?) easily with your Samsung smart stove

HiFi Hygge

Some might say that tech is antithetical to the enjoyment of simple pleasures central to achieving a hygge state. LoFi activities like reading a book or curling up with a cup of cocoa may seem to embody hygge, but Danish author and happiness authority Meik Wiking takes the individualistic approach. He suggests that snuggling under a blanket while binging The Great British Baking Show is just as hygge as reading Pride and Prejudice, and simply depends on what makes you feel most at ease and happy. With that in mind, customizing the lighting and soundscape in your reading nook can be just as effective as setting a “hygge” scene that automatically plays your favorite easy-watching show while you put up slippered feet and relax. 

Create Mindful Moments

Hygge also emphasizes being in the moment. Wake up mindfully with lights that gradually increase to a morning glow. Sweat it out before work with soft, fire-like lighting during your yoga practice. Subtle color changes and flickering light can create the effect of a fireplace in your home gym via your smart light bulbs. The app OnSwitch (for Android and iOS) works with both Philips Hue and Lifx bulbs. 

This season, add some smart Hygge to your home and feel more connected and comfortable than ever. 

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

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