Summer is a fabulous time for taking in the sun, salty air, and ocean breeze outside. But also for relaxing inside a perfectly air-conditioned home. Evenly dispersed cooling and humidity control is expected throughout the home. But it takes the right smart technology to make it happen. 

All Things Considered

There are plenty of elements that sway temperature and moisture regulation within a home. Every time a door opens, heat, cold, and moisture exchange between the home and outside environments. The evening and morning sun heat certain rooms. Pockets of warmth or cold move into closets and passage-ways. Specialty rooms, such as a home theater, put off more heat because of amplifiers and other equipment. So naturally, temperature control systems should give more energy to some areas of the home rather than others. And it is all about timing. 

The Not-So-Smart Way

Smart vents were a good idea in theory. The aim was to lower system pressure in specific areas, but then the fan needs to be turned down. However, there was no ability to do so with this type of vent system. They didn’t end up meeting the expectations. Additionally, the aesthetics were not up to standard with other structures like invisible speakers and recessed lighting so they didn’t quite blend well with more bespoke interior designs. 

The Smart Way

A variable refrigerant system (VRF) is the most efficient way to handle humidity and to regulate a dwelling’s internal climate. Both heating and cooling are handled within zones of the home’s system. Each zone has a mini system controlled by sensors on the wall or in the ceiling. When the sun starts to set on rooms with western exposure, the temperature in those zones adjusts without freezing out the other rooms of the home. 

A Responsive Experience

Variable refrigerant systems like Carrier Infinity and Trane offer not only an even temperature throughout your home but also several smart features to provide the true ease of a responsive lifestyle. Presets for every hour of the day and up to 8 zones can be easily managed with automated controls. Change the temperature from any location in the world and monitor energy outputs in real-time. The systems are also engineered to pair with the various heat pump or furnace options. So you can find the right combo for your specific climate and unique home.

Earth-friendly, economical, energy-efficient variable refrigerant systems keep your home at a pleasant and comfortable internal climate. Humidity, cooling, and heating are perfect from room to room. All-day and night. All year round.

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

If you would like to learn more about smart climate control, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you. 

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