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Home Automation

Acoustic Architects designs, engineers and installs home automation systems to simplify your life. Home automation grants for multiple systems in and around your home to communicate and respond to specific commands. Lighting, security, audio video systems, climate control, motorized shade systems or even your pool can be accessed and controlled with just one touch.


Security and convenience work in harmony with custom operating systems that control security through an elegant interface. Acoustic Architects security systems are designed to satisfy the most particular clientele, our products integrate seamlessly with industry-leading security solutions for a truly intuitive experience.


In today’s world, a network is your home’s central nervous system. With Acoustic Architects lay a strong and reliable networking foundation that’s ready for state-of-the-art technology. Acoustic Architects designs all network hardware, software and communication links to ensure the best possible performance and “up-time” of your network.


With Acoustic Architects meticulously designing multi-room audio and video, entertainment is always within your reach. A simple touch of a handheld controller or elegantly mounted wall-touchpanel activates sound anywhere in your home. Start listening to your favorite playlist in your bathroom as you get ready for that cocktail party and finish in your kitchen while your pour yourself a glass of Pinot. Access your satellite radio or mp3’s upstairs while you soak in a bubble bath while the family enjoys their favorites poolside.


Security and comfort become one with our automatic gate access control systems. Homeowners may open and close their gate via iPhone or iPad from anywhere in your home to anywhere in the world. Designed to satisfy the most discriminating clientele, we offer an array of simple solutions such as: telephone entry, card entry, keyless entry, keypad entry, transmitters, etc. are readily available.


Enjoy the power to adjust sauna jets, pool lights, pump speeds, cycle intervals, temperature settings, water purification and much more. We engineer and integrate programming that automates operations and routine schedules to keep your energy costs down.


Home automation lets you turn your bathroom into a private sanctuary. Turn on the shower and adjust the temperature before arriving in your bathroom with voice command. Control music, climate, lighting and shading for ambiance and privacy with the tap of an app. Enjoy waterproof Smart TVs and Mirrors that enhance time management and mood with cutting-edge technology. Tell Alexa to lock the doors and arm the security system, while you are soaking in your tub. Relax with ease while at the same time being in total command of your entire home.


Acoustic Architects allow you to easily operate even the most sophisticated state-of-art home theater. With an easy one-touch control and automation from your tablet or mobile app, you will access video, audio, and lighting systems. Our team can rid you of the confusion and clutter of several remotes, so you can spend more time enjoying the home cinema experience.


If you’re well on your way to building the home that fits your lifestyle or enhancing your existing one, Acoustic Architects automated systems offer the impeccable convenience of both wireless and wired one-touch lighting and shade control through an elegantly designed seamless integration with the industry’s top manufacturers.

Climate Control

When it comes to your family or staff, you want the very best in air conditioning and heating systems that provide you with the utmost comfort. A communicating thermostat can be integrated into a home automation system, or controlled from a personal device. Control your HVAC from your home theater, hot tub or pool or when driving home from the airport.

Phone Systems

Our integrated telephone and intercom systems provide the power, flexibility, and expansion capability to fully accommodate you and your family’s needs. With state-of-the-art residential phone and intercom systems allows you to relay messages seamlessly throughout your home. Whether you’re soaking up the sun poolside or entertaining your guest, you’ll be able to screen your visitors safely and seamlessly. Peace-of-mind is priceless when you can easily monitor the going-ons in your home without moving an inch and with a touch of a button.


A simple press of the doorbell can switch TVs to the appropriate camera, and activate the intercom. You now have the ability to incorporate speaker/microphone, camera, and keyless entry into one decorative unit at your very fingertips. Various options with keypads, ringers, and intercom formats are available, as well as biometric access control options.


Our sophisticated systems can achieve energy savings significantly by adjusting lighting, HVAC, major appliances, and other sub-systems based on room occupancy, ambient light levels, time, season and temperature. You can even monitor energy use in each room. In an integrated system, arming the security system can simultaneously turn off the lights and AV system while setting back the thermostat. Being green has never been so easy.

Energy: Generators, Solar, battery

Acoustic Architects is the first company to offer an integrated solution including solar, generator and battery power, working together in one carefully designed package. Our clients never know there has been a power outage because all systems are backed up, working 100% of the time whether there is power or not. With our energy solution, there are no more power interruptions or downtime, and a maximization of your tax credit.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working together with AA for several years now and on many projects.”
Timothy DuPont, Principal, Blue, a Design Company


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