Imagine a movie-watching experience that has higher HD image quality, and crisper sound than almost all other movie players. One which allows you to create your own personal library on the go, and one which offers an even larger collection of pictures to choose from – including new titles within weeks of release in theaters. Add 4k Ultra High Definition with HDR, Blu-ray quality, as well as a host of other options and convenient extras, and you have yourself a superior Kaleidescape Experience!

This award-winning movie player system is changing the home theater experience, and is sure to thrill you!

The Kaleidescape Experience

The Kaleidescape system is intelligently designed to deliver on-screen crisp details and superb sound for a seamlessly superior movie viewing experience. It is available in a choice of either the standard Encore or Premiere service which allows you to simultaneously playback a movie of Blu-ray quality or higher, throughout a large-scale home theater, and delivering the maximum range of cinematic enjoyment.

Unmatched Performance

All pictures played through Kaleidescape are delivered in a state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD quality, the highest visual and audio quality on the market. Plus, with its flawless and predictable playback, there are no problems with buffering, compression, or artifacts. Its native 2.35 on-screen display and pixel-perfect masking allow you to view movies with the utmost clarity and depth to closely rival the same experience you would find in a movie theater.

Movie Galore

Consider yourself spoilt for choice with over 11,000* movies and 2,000* TV seasons licensed from major motion picture studios, and new movies available weeks after release (and before standard availability for download). The Kaleidescape system makes viewing your top picks from virtually any source easy. t is compatible with downloaded movies from the Kaleidescape store, or with titles you already own on disc. Is your DVD collection gathering dust? Kaleidescape’s unique Disc to Digital offering allows you to transfer DVDs to digital, preserving and compacting your library into one portable solution available for viewing on all mobile devices.

Kaleidescape Choices

The array of options doesn’t end there. Kaleidescape systems include the ability to bookmark memorable scenes or play music from movie soundtracks. Select movies from a comprehensive movie guide that provides ratings from all the major movie review sites along with personalized movie suggestions based on your movie-watching preferences. Every Kaleidescape package also comes with an easy-to-use remote control, with an optional remote designed especially for children that can be programmed with specified parental-controlled content. Access your entire movie library wherever you go with the fully loaded App optimized for use on iPad devices.

In closing

Kaleidescape’s unique high-performance capabilities, and Ultra HD quality offer an unmatched and personalized cinematic experience. With its intuitive design and automatic integration with your current home entertainment system, Kaleidescape can be installed quickly, and be ready to use in no time.

Choose between the standard Encore service or enhance your movie-watching options by subscribing to the premium Premiere service which allows you to showcase your movie selections throughout your entire house. Get ready to embrace the joys of watching cinema at home with the immersive and superior performance that Kaleidescape offers!

If you would like to experience Kaleidescape, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you.

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