Austin, Texas, based lighting brand, Ketra, known for innovative lighting technology, was recently acquired by the Lutron company. Ketra’s mission is focused around the ideas of health and wellbeing, bringing light and energy of sun and fire inside our homes and work spaces, to counter the effects of sitting in front of computers away from the windows and outdoor spaces that would usually expose us to the pull of the moon and the rays of the sun. As we spend more time indoors, we must compensate for our modern lifestyles by bringing the earth element back into the sheltered hours of our lives.

Lutron Electronics have been the front runner since the 60’s when it comes to home smart system design. Think back to the dimmer light switch…the simple concept that changed the way we think about lighting a room. Now that same overhead light can go from full morning sun, to candlelit evening glow, with the touch of a wall mounted key pad, a voice command or an app on a smart-phone. Lutron continues to prove itself a force in the smart solutions arena by adding Ketra’s compelling and progressive lighting formula to the already robust menu of residential and commercial offerings.

With these new options you can have your smart-space programmed to allow fluidity of movement from a brightly lit bathroom vanity space into a gray stone shower stall, and feel like you are going from brilliant daylight, to sedating dark calmness, and then back to fully roused by brilliant natural radiance, all in the same 200 square foot space. Your living room can be fully illuminated, as if ablaze with the morning sun, while a heavy rainstorm falls from an ominous tornadic sky, and never disrupt your natural rhythms with harsh synthetic light. You can dark your bedroom shades at high noon and set your lighting scheme to bedtime, give yourself 20 minutes to read, and sleep away the rest of the day having convinced your brain it is time to dream the night away.

In a press release announcing the acquisition, Lutron mentioned, “Ketra’s tunable light creates high quality white, pastels and saturated color from a single-point source, enhancing the look of any space, and allowing you to tailor your light to meet your specifications.” (1) Ketra lighting technology allows the creation of fluid and flawless spaces controlled with Lutron’s design concepts. The smart technologies, brought to us by both Ketra and Lutron take the extra steps out of organizing our zone of interior existence. While making an effort to step outside to let the sun penetrate and reprogram us is still of utmost importance, the union of Ketra and Lutron allows us to remain productive and hidden from the elements inside our work and home spaces…at least for a few hours at a time.

Best of all, Lutron has two smart home systems which are compatible with the Ketra light technology. These are the Lutron HomeWorks QS total home control system, and the Lutron Quantum total light management system.

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