What if a series of simple voice commands could transform your bathroom into an energizing hub of productivity, or atmospheric haven tailored to your every relaxation need? Imagine your bath automatically drawn to just the right depth and temperature whilst accompanied by your favorite relaxation playlist for your post-work soak.

No need to imagine any longer. If Kohler’s new award-winning Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror said anything, it would say one thing. “Your wish is my command”. Control your bathroom lighting, listen to your favorite music selections or up-to-the-minute traffic notifications, while enjoying your customized shower experience.

This CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree will have you saying so much more than just, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall”. Try “Turn lights to makeup mode”, “Start my morning shower” or “Play my post-workout playlist” for starters. Kohler has developed the most advanced features that allow you to delight in using your bathroom in a whole new way. Its voice-activated technology transforms your bathroom mirror, shower, bathtub, and toilet by giving you the power to enhance their utility with simple commands.

The new line of smart bathroom products was designed to make life a little easier and more connected. The power of Kohler Konnect™ voice-activated technology, combined with sophisticated designs and state-of-the-art features, provides comfort and convenience to even the most mundane of bathroom-related activities… including visiting the John.

For those of you who like to sink your teeth into the nuts and bolts, the following is a deeper look into functionality and capabilities.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror brings the convenience of fully automated lighting adjustment to your bathroom mirror. Making history as the first bathroom mirror to come complete with its built-in Amazon Alexa technology, the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is a hallmark of design and creative controls.

Enjoy various ambient lighting settings including a motion-activated night light that illuminates your nighttime bathroom visits and chooses between three mirror sizes to optimize and fit in your bathroom space. The sizes available are 33” tall with widths of 24”, 34”, and 40”.

DTV+ Showering System

Taking a shower has never been a more pleasurable experience than with the highly advanced technology of the DTV+ Showering System. Enjoy the ability to customize your shower with digitized presets like:

• Sound
• Water temperature
• Spray strength and style
• In-Shower lighting
• Steam generation

The DTV+ Showering System eliminates the need for shower knobs and faucets since it is controlled with one-touch control and voice activation. Enjoy a clean, uncluttered and totally modernized shower space. The safe temperature control gives you the security of knowing that your shower temperature is controlled and will not exceed your maximum setting. Eco-models are available which help to conserve water by limiting the number of outlets used at any given time.

PerfectFill Kit

This system controls the bathwater filling, draining, and temperature to reduce the amount of time spent monitoring your bathwater. Simply say the words, and hop into the bath knowing the temperature has been optimized to suit your preference. Once done, your bathtub will automatically drain.

Numi Intelligent Toilet with PureWarmth Toilet Seat

The Numi Intelligent Toilet brings unrivaled luxury and design to your bathroom with a compact one-piece toilet built with elongated seating and Comfort Height seating to make it easier to sit and rise from the toilet seat. It allows for the saving of six customized settings so that your entire family can personalize their individual preferences.

The motion-activated opening and closing of the seat cover, as well as easily automated functioning for flushing, gives you complete hands-free control and reduces your exposure to germs. There is a heated seat and foot warmer, adjustable lighting with eight different options, and Bluetooth capability for playing your music through the built-in speakers. The Numi Intelligent Toilet also has a self-cleaning feature which includes an all in one self-cleaning wand, precision air dryer, and deodorizing filter.

It’s power-saving mode, water conservation settings, and emergency flush, which allows for 100 emergency flushes in the event of a power outage, give you the reassurance of having an ecologically friendly toilet that will exceed your expectations.

The PureWarmth Toilet Seat is a smart product that gives you the ultimate comfort and convenience by allowing you to set your ideal toilet seat temperature, as well as the integrated lighting feature, with the push of a button.

There you have it, folks! We’re super excited and hope you are too. Take the next step, discover Kohler Konnect™, and turn your everyday bathroom routines into incredibly satisfying daily experiences.

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