The time has arrived for long-awaited multisystem integration solutions thanks to Matter, who has recently signed on with well-known smart device manufacturers. Lutron Connect recently rolled out office and commercial integrations, and LG has debuted the webOS Hub, making LG TVs compatible with Apple TV, Apple Music, and AirPlay.

Long-Awaited Harmony on Horizon for Home Integrations

Matter is just about ready to enter the smart device market with a language that will allow most smart home devices to be controlled by a single hub. That means homes that use Apple products, Amazon Echoes, and Samsung appliances all at once will, instead of using multiple apps to control their devices, be able to use Matter to manage all three. Instead of manufacturers inviting consumers to stay loyal to each’s unique ecosystem, manufacturers have agreed that to truly advance the smart home market, all smart devices should become and remain compatible. Manufacturers agree that running smart home devices from multiple hubs could be more streamlined, so with Matter built into each new device, and software upgrades for current smart devices, consumers will feel less flustered by the landscape and freer to purchase the solutions they desire, regardless of manufacturer

One perk to the Matter framework is that it would not require a home internet connection.

“With the launch of Matter, all devices can now be controlled locally without the need for an external internet connection. If your internet goes on the fritz, you will still be able to turn your smart lights on and off, for example,” said Christopher Allbritton of CNN Underscored.

Among items that are or will become compatible are lightbulbs, door locks, smart devices like the Amazon Echo, window blinds, and robot vacuums. Solutions that have not yet been integrated, but may soon, are home security cameras and audio streaming from companies like Sonos and Bose.

Lutron Connect Debuts at ISE 2023

Lutron debuted a suite of workplace integrations at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, Spain between January 31 and February 3, offering systems that provide real-time project management, service, and streamlined communications processes to benefit both organziations and clients.

Lutron Connect describes this system, via YouTube as, “a cloud-powered platform of tools retooled to synchronize, simplify, and modernize your business.”

“Lutron Connect simplifies the design, commissioning, and maintenance of projects, offering remote system diagnostics and over-the-air updates to help future-proof clients’ systems, making it easier for all business partners to work with Lutron,” explained the company.

Lutron is also prioritizing new solutions and upgrading existing products that enable AV professionals to offer high-quality, future-ready lighting control while helping clients achieve superlative design and function.

LG Improves Market Desirability with Apple Compatibility

LG’s webOS, the operating system rolled out in its televisions in 2021, allowed users to stream media and customize their viewing experiences. Its webOS Hub has recently expanded to include options to finetune picture, sound, and connect with newly-compatible services. 

LG’s webOS currently supports streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and LG’s free content service, LG Channels, and has recently added services like FUBO TV and the popular cloud gaming service NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Newest and most notable, though, LG’s webOS has included Apple TV, Apple Music, and AirPlay to Hub-based TVs.

According to Simon Cohen at digitaltrends, “With Apple HomeKit support, webOS Hub TVs can join Apple’s smart home platform, allowing the TV to be recognized as a part of the Apple ecosystem as well as giving it the ability to display video feeds from security cameras and other smart home devices.

This integration will help widen the market and allow users who may switch streaming services to enjoy the convenience of Apple compatibility without also switching devices.

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

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