Before we get into the specs of the DSP7200.2 speakers, we must rave a bit about the amazing company that produces them. Meridian Audio is not your average hi-fi company by any means. Since their inception, they have been at the vanguard of technology, a state of affairs that became apparent to the world at large when MLP or Meridian Lossless Packing was incorporated into the DVD-Audio format.

It is difficult to talk about high-quality sound in the home without mentioning Meridian Audio. The Britain-based company, with headquarters in Cambridgeshire, UK, was founded in 1977 by two music lovers. With almost 40 years of innovation in consumer home entertainment systems offering exceptional performance, they have developed the world’s first audiophile CD player, digital surround controller and digital loudspeaker; and the MLP included in Blu-ray Disc.

The concept of the Digital Active DSP Loudspeaker, originally introduced by Meridian over two decades ago, provides one of the most accurate and effective paths to high-quality sound reproduction.

The Meridian DSP7200.2 loudspeaker was released in 2015 with a series of technological improvements that deliver superior performance in many areas.

Features at a glance:
– Built by hand in the U.K.
– Digital Signal Processing technology included
– Four 150 watt amplifiers as part of design for higher output
– Maximum decibel output of 118 dB at 1m
– High-efficiency composite dome tweeter
– Over 200 color finishes to choose from
– No exterior amplification needed
– Listener controls like time-compensated balance, Enhanced Bass Alignment, listening axis
– High-level use for long periods of time
– Thermal, dynamic bass protection

Outstanding sound quality

• The DSP7200.2 was created for delivering quality sound, a task it excels at with the capabilities of a conventional loudspeaker eight times its size.
• Encases four powerful, 150 W amplifiers, built in with DSP, or digital signal processing, provide a maximum output level of 118dB at 1m.

Advanced high-efficiency

• Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) enables considerable speaker placement flexibility. Onboard DSP provides thermal and dynamic bass protection, facilitating high volume use for prolonged periods of time, delivering the atmosphere and emotion of a live performance straight into the home.
• A self-contained audio system provided by the DSP active advantage, with no additional amplification equipment needed.

Advanced listener controls

• Speaker controls boast of the ability to regulate bass, treble tilt, listening axis, volume, time-compensated balance and absolute phase.
• Centre elevation adjustment technology is delivered with Horizontal Centre version.

Standard finishes

• Meridian DSP7200.2 loudspeakers are available in piano lacquered white or black and a further 270 color finishes through Meridian Select, Meridian’s custom finishing service available for its DSP loudspeakers and 800 series components.
• Multiple installation applications are possible in home and commercial environments enabled by Meridian’s unique Design and Specification Service.

Meridian Audio is recognized as a world leader in high-quality audio and video reproduction. The company’s award-winning optical disc players, DSP loudspeakers, video systems, streaming and personal audio products are unique in the industry, maintaining a super-quality digital signal from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing to deliver natural sound and crystal-sharp images. From medium-sized rooms to more spacious environments, the DSP7200.2 fits in perfectly with this line of maximum quality engineering and delivers an outstanding and powerful performance.

If you would like to experience the Meridian DSP7200.2 loudspeakers and are looking for award-winning quality in home automation, give Acoustic Architects a call. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you in our showroom and have a conversation about options for you and your home.