North Bay Road, where land meets sea and then rises dramatically in sweeping luxury. This is the location for some of Miami’s most exclusive residences. 6360 North Bay Road is over 13,000 square feet of aesthetic and experiential mastery. 

Art meets cutting-edge technology with Savant’s Whole Home System. Preprogrammed scenes respond seamlessly with quick taps of an iPad. Lutron lighting design and automated shading create the perfect illumination and sunlight control to highlight inspired interiors. Savant distributed audio throughout the entire dwelling, TIVO entertainment system, and a home theater with surround sound and the latest viewing technology are just some of the many carefully selected features of the home’s contemporary design. Outdoor living areas include cabana and rooftop bar for enjoying the sun and sea. The infrastructure of 6360 is wired with flawless internet and future-proofed for upgrades. 

This rockstar mansion is the ultimate playground for enjoying a unique lifestyle like none other. 


Lutron Lighting and Shading
Savant Whole Home System
Multi-Room Hi-FiAudio Distribution
TIVO Entertainment
Home Theater
Surround Sound
High-Speed Wi-fi Throughout