Constructed of stunning walls of glass and steel, rising boldly above the land and sea, the MUSE Residences are an idyllic destination. These enviable dwellings are for those who expect incredibly unique experiences in their living space. Inside, revolutionary features await.

The MUSE common areas are a feast for the senses. Unparalleled technology hides within brilliantly designed interiors. Studio quality music streams from hidden slats above. And a Revolution Speaker sits inconspicuously behind the grand mirror in the sitting area. Crystalline chandeliers bounce sound, light, and energy throughout.

A Sony TV adorns the bar area. With an impossibly thin design, smart features, and endless viewing choices. The slatted ceiling, hosting innovative speaker technology, extends into the gym and around the sauna. Acoustic ambiance lulls residents into soul-satisfying hypnosis all throughout the social gathering areas.

MUSE is a creative mecca for the discerning. Offering a lifestyle of artistic elegance and luxurious technology. A seaside oasis in Sunny Isles for an experience unlike any other.

Lutron Shades
Savant Music and Control System
Revel Speakers
Sonos Speakers
Sony TV