Design and artistic mastery curate the Muse experience. A fusion of art and unprecedented technology offers a lifestyle of modern elegance, set within the tranquil exclusivity of Sunny Isles. Inside, the residence is an experience like none other.

Bespoke modern interior design provides the ultimate space for luxury and comfort. Hidden within the walls and tucked in out of the way spaces are awe-inspiring audio features. Sonance speakers, a Sony receiver, and James Loudspeaker subwoofer harmoniously distribute audio throughout the space.

Sony TVs adorn multiple rooms for media entertainment and aesthetics. A Seura Mirror TV appears magically on the bathroom vanity mirror with a simple tap of the glass.

A Savant whole-home control system allows for effortless command of the entire residence. Scene presets for each room create moods that manifest with a single press of a button. Lighting, sound, media choices, and more change at the same time, like magic.

Savant Control System
Savant Music
Sony TV
Sony Receiver
Sonance Speakers
Leon Custom Soundbar
James Loudspeaker Subwoofer
Seura Mirror TV