Marine Automation Solutions


Smart Technology for the Modern Yacht

Acoustic Architects works with an experienced team to design, engineer, and install state-of-the-art automated systems for communication, ambiance and recreation marine integrations.


Media Rooms
Phone Systems

Access Control
Remote Monitoring

Enjoy world class comfort on every deck

We offer a vast variety of options to enhance your grand space on the water. The possibilities are endless with Acoustic Architects. Imagine: Technology that unifies and simplifies the management of every aspect of convenience on board- whether it’s dinner on deck playing you favorite jazz- sound so sharp as if you were right on bourbon st listening to a live 5-piece band or having a movie night on the top deck with friends with sound and sights so impeccable from your weather proof entertainment system.
And that’s not to mention doing all of this and more with peace of mind that whether you’re on or off board everything is protected with our innovative access control systems that you could operate from your smart phone. Our team offers the instruments and expertise to bring to life your vision. Implementing state of the art technology in yacht automation can truly enhance your experience while at sea or dock and all at your fingertips. The seamless future friendly experience for your yacht awaits.
“The great part of Acoustic Architects is that they stand by their work.”
Choeff Levy Fischman PA, Architect


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