When it comes to deciding on what kinds of shades you want to install in your home, many different companies have a wide variety of selection. You can choose between fabric material, color, opacity, and more. Still, others go even beyond that with options that suit even the most demanding projects.

Today we’ll be talking about QMotion and Qadvanced, their battery operated shades, which roller have revolutionized how roller shades are installed while bringing aesthetic harmony to many homes.

Who is QMotion?

Founded by Willis Mullett after his experience in similar industries, QMotion Advanced Shading Systems has been affording clients with ingeniously crafted and efficiently energized window treatments for several years now. Combining tradition and innovation, the window treatments company provides the public with solutions that fit any residential or commercial space, regardless of design.

Why QMotion?

While one of the most common options for motorized shades is to have them be wired to an external electrical source this, does not always provide the most efficient solution and can sometimes throw a wrench in the flow of the design.

For wired solutions, there often is the need to restructure wiring behind the walls so the connection can reach the electrical supply output, which could mean extended time for project completion. If breaking through walls is not an option in your home, then it is possible to have the wiring brought along the wall until it reaches the power source, but this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing option.

So if elaborate construction projects are not in your plans but you still want to be able to hide wiring that does not detract from your decor, battery operated shades like QMotion’s Qadvanced roller shades offer the perfect alternative. These roller shades serve for an easy installation, going no further than inserting the battery and affixing the shade pocket. The effective design grants the D-cell alkaline batteries a 3-year life expectancy and an easy battery replacement even then.

While the Qadvanced roller shades are energy efficient, QMotion also guarantees their quiet movement as they rise and descend. There is also a manual override ability and low voltage wire accommodation for left or right, depending on your design or preference. Ultimately, without having to cut into drywall to have power sources moved, you can still obtain elegant shade installation.

So what’s this about a patent?

Common battery operated shades have the need for two rollers: one for the shade and another for the battery. This causes a need for wider and longer shade pockets that cannot always be mounted flush to walls. Seeing a need for a sleeker and more compact design that would benefit every homeowner, QMotion patented the design for having the battery inserted into the same shade tube, allowing for a sleeker design, and eliminating the need for the extra tube and the larger shade enclosure.


QMotion provides quiet, customizable, and energy efficient battery-powered motorized shades with a sleek, unique design to accommodate to any project. If you’re interested in finding out how these shades can make a perfect addition to your home, don’t hesitate to call or email us.