On a recent family weekend getaway to Aspen, Holly offered an intimate look into their newly designed smart ski villa and describes the comfort and ease of a touch and voice controlled home.

“As our plane descends over the snow-covered rocky mountains, our two kids have their noses pressed to the windows, imaginations running wild. After landing, we exit the plane as the snow falls lightly on our heads and all around us, promising a perfect weekend for skiing and playing.

Our chauffeur opens the door and we get settled into the car for the short drive home. It is time to prepare our winter villa for our arrival.

I can access our smart home system, which controls many features of our villa, with my phone, before arriving. My Savant app allows me to turn on the lights, light the fireplace, turn up the heating, and set the mood with soft melody.

Upon our arrival, our home is expecting us.

With one click of the app, the main gate opens for us, the walkway and front porch light up to welcome us, and I can see the lights on inside as well. The kids jump out of the car and bound toward the door, scooping snow into the air. I watch as it comes down to their little faces, almost as in slow motion. As we get nearer to the house, the front door unlocks and the alarm is disarmed. Inside our villa is a wall mounted iPad for easy control and Alexa for voice command. I walk into the house and ask Alexa to preheat the oven, start the kettle for hot cocoa and run the bath water at a perfect temperature for our frozen snow babies.

I know that when it is time to settle in for the night, I will be nurtured with ambient music, my soul will be warmed by soft lighting and hiss of the fire, and my children will be toasty and ready for dinner by the fireplace and bedtime. Everything is designed to enhance our lifestyle and allow us to enjoy our place and time together. With our home at my command, a vacation actually is a chance to be relaxed and present. I can take time to enjoy my family, our home, unwind and just be.”

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