On January 7th, 2021, Samsung revealed their portfolio for the year, and let’s just say, there’s quite a bit to be excited about. The unveiling came on the heels of CES 2021, in what is now considered the first time Samsung has ever unveiled First Look virtually. A representative of the company highlighted the thinking that went into this particular portfolio, which can be condensed into sustainability, inclusivity, personalization, and, of course, innovation.

Green Is Not A Trend, It’s A New Classic

As this past year has shown us, by way of elections and rising alternative energy stocks, sustainability is the way of the future and Samsung is certainly the juggernaut to watch in this growing standard. Attacking this issue from multiple angles is their strategy of choice; from increasing the use of recycled materials across all of their TV lines, to being the first company to launch solar-powered remotes (that can charge with indoor lighting as well as through USB cables), to expanding its award-winning Eco-packaging to all Lifestyle TVs, to systematically reducing energy consumption in both manufacturing and consumer usage. If you’re looking to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, the 2021 selection will prove itself incredibly helpful in this mission.

Entertainment For All

Accessibility initiatives, we love to see it and so do those who have always sought more inclusive entertainment systems. Samsung’s QLED and Neo QLED will all include AI technology to facilitate the TV experience for those who are low-vision, blind, and deaf or hard of hearing. Through the addition of thoughtful features such as Caption Moving, Sign Language Zoom and Multi-Output Audio, the Korean company ensures everyone can laugh and cry at the same movies and shows, setting yet another industry standard.

Public Display of Innovation

As stated on their site, “Samsung designed the Quantum Mini LED to be 1/40 the height of a conventional LED. Instead of using a lens to disperse light, and a package to fix the LED in place, the Quantum Mini LED has incredibly thin micro layers filled with many more LEDs. Quantum Matrix Technology enables ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs, preventing blooming—and allowing viewers to enjoy content as it’s meant to be seen.” What this means is that the bright areas will be brighter, the dark areas will be darker, no blending in of hues will confuse your retinas, and your viewing experience will be at its most optimal.

Featuring A Better You

The Neo QLED 8k and 4k models will include features outside of a TV’s expected functionality, making it more lifestyle-oriented and more you-oriented. In the additions, you’ll find Samsung Health; much like a mirror gym, this Smart Trainer counts your reps, provides personalized feedback on real-time issues such as posture and form, and even estimates calories burned. For gamers, Samsung has a couple of competitive inclusions such as Super Ultrawide GameView, which gives players different viewing ratios, and GameBar, which allows players to quickly adjust critical experiential aspects such as connecting headsets or checking input lag. Lastly, a feature that is perfect for the WFH viewer—Google Duo, a video call platform that allows up to 32 users to hop in one session and PC connectivity, so you can connect your computer and work on a larger screen with smoother display. 

The initiatives put forth by Samsung’s 2021 portfolio meets the needs of essentially every user—whether you’re concerned with the environment, social inclusion, technological advancements, or physical health, the QLED and Neo QLED models are likely the right option for your home.

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