Are you ready for some Football? Samsung has engineered a wall sized modular television to completely change the way you experience this NFL season. Imagine a TV screen so large that images surround you with lifelike detail and phenomenal picture quality. A screen the size of a mural, and true work of art, could only be named, “The Wall.”

The Inspired Technology

Samsung’s “The Wall” measures 146-inches diagonally, is self-emitting and features microLED technology. MicroLED gives you the same vivid colors and absolute blacks you expect from OLED. However, with microLED you get 1,600 nits of brightness, significantly brighter than OLED. The Wall TV is self-emitting, with micrometer (µm) scale LEDs, much smaller than current LEDs. They have the capability of serving as their own source of light.

The design is gorgeous, with edge-to-edge glass, it is extravagantly thin compared to the magnitude of its entirety.

The First Modular TV

The Wall TV is “…the screen of the future. “ It is comprised of modular panels, so the size is adaptable. “Featuring a module-based, bezel-less design, ‘The Wall’ also exemplifies how consumers can customize their television sizes and shapes to suit their needs. The screen can adapt to serve different purposes, such as creating a wall-size display for multiple spaces.” If 146-inches isn’t enough to fill the desired space, additional panels can be added to the existing set. The size of the screen is theoretically limitless, and the spaces between the modules are indistinguishable.

Impressive Art For Your Wall

A display of this size and versatility is perfect for the grandest of rooms in any home. From the coziest of bedrooms to the largest open concept living area, The Wall is the choice viewing platform on the forefront of technological development. Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said of the achievement, “As the world’s first consumer modular MicroLED television…we’re excited about this next step along our roadmap to the future of screen technology, and the remarkable viewing experience it offers to consumers.”

The Wall will be available for purchase in August, just in time for the NFL pre-season. So take a day to relocate the artwork in your entertainment space. And start making room for The Wall.


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