2022 may have just begun, but Samsung has entered the new year with a bang. Their new lineup of TVs offers something exciting for everyone, from the cinephile to the art lover, the gaming enthusiast to the cryptocurrency expert.

Mattes and Frames

Samsung’s high-design TV, The Frame, spans the sometimes vast divide between style and substance found in other TVs. The Frame is meant to oscillate seamlessly between your current Netflix obsession and high-end wall art. The latest upgrades to this lineup make that switch even easier and more convincing. With a new matte finish, The Frame will more closely resemble canvas or paper. The anti-reflective surface eliminates any hints that this is actually a TV and not a recent art acquisition. The Frame also includes anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge properties; when combined with sizing options ranging from 32 to 85 inches, this lineup is truly adaptable to any space.


MICRO LED is Samsung’s state-of-the-art display offering its most immersive viewing experience to date. This exceptionally high visual quality comes from 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs, offering over 1 million steps of brightness and color levels. Clarity and contrast add to the lifelike visuals. Multi View allows users to view content from four different sources simultaneously in 4K resolution. 

The MICRO LED’s impressive technical specs aren’t just for nailing movie night or making game day feel like it’s happening in your home theater; an art mode allows users to display digital artworks and comes with two exclusive media pieces from renowned artist Refik Anadol. With MultiView, users can view content from four different sources simultaneously. The three sizes, 89”, 101”, and 110”, allow you to harness the power of MICRO LED on a grand scale.

Riding the (Radio) Wave

Last year Samsung introduced a solar-powered remote control; this year the Eco Remote is taking its efficiency up a notch. Now the remote can harvest the radio waves that your wireless router already produces and convert them into energy. Each click gets us further from the environmentally unfriendly AAA batteries and closer to a truly eco-conscious home entertainment experience. In addition to RF harvesting, the Eco Remote can be charged via outdoor and indoor light. 

A Smart Hub for Everyone

Samsung is catering to every possible use and preference in their smart TVs by providing each one with access to a Smart Hub. This hub will act as a guide to content and activities for different users. Options include the Samsung Gaming Hub with an extensive library of games and the Watch Together app that allows for video chat alongside movies or shows. Whether tackling challenges with friends in a new game or watching the latest episode of “The Bachelor” with your besties, the Smart Hub brings people together.

And it does NFTs!

Samsung is catching the NFT trend; The Frame, MICRO LED, and the Neo QLED will come with an app that acts as a platform for purchasing and trading digital artwork. It should come as no surprise that Samsung has developed the first TV-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator. Their dedication to fusing TVs and art has been apparent for some time and this app makes it even easier for homeowners to grow their digital art collections while displaying them in the perfect context. The app will also allow potential buyers to preview NFTs and examine their history and blockchain metadata.

Samsung’s 2022 lineup of TVs has demonstrated that it’s so much more than just TVs. From upgraded specs to expanded features, there’s a TV not only for every space, but every possible use. 

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