Imagine a world in which your every home adjustment need can be fulfilled with a quick voice command. No more need for tedious processes, remotes and complicated automation prompts. You can now speak to your home as if it were your very own personal assistant, and have it execute your instructions within seconds.

The beauty of the Savant Home System lies in its ability to capture complex instructions with little to no effort from the homeowner. It operates using simple prompts, that range in use from temperature adjustments to the remote switching of lights on and off. This system seeks to turn your house into a massive gadget in which fixtures and lighting and heating are mere features of a smart, almost autonomous companion.

The sensitivity of the Savant Home System is its most exciting trait – turning your home into a reactive, fully integrated accessory to your well-being has never been so exciting.

Operating The Savant Home System

Operating your Savant Home System can be done using your chosen voice-controlled device. Though Savant’s luxury features already include voice control, the remote is also equipped to function using Alexa enabled devices. In order to run this feature, you need only to set up your home as you wish (adjusting the light, video, music, temperatures etc to your liking) and save it in a global Savant Scene. Alexa enabled devices can activate your chosen Savant scenes, remotely switch lights on or off, or adjust their shades.

The following Savant Home controls are available using Alexa:
– Scene commands
– Room commands
– A/V (temperature) services
– Light adjustments

The benefits of using Alexa to perform these commands involve the ease of use of the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot smart speaker. Their ability to pick up minor sounds and its swift, concurrent feedback makes for comfortable control of your Smart home’s commands. Using Alexa to manage your Savant Home also means integrating all your needs to one device, without the hassle of switching from one gadget to the other. The morphing of multiple devices enables users to perform several tasks in one go, saving time, energy and effort.

If you would like to experience a Savant home system with Alexa, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you.

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