Séura, known for their signature TV mirror, is coming up on 20 years in the home entertainment industry. They’ve come a long way from their start in a garage and have added many exciting products and lines that enhance any space with luxury and advanced technology.

TV Mirrors

Séura says their TV mirrors are “the best television you’ve never seen.” While TVs are definitely part of our home landscapes, when not on, they can become design black holes, disrupting any carefully curated aesthetic. Séura’s TV mirror technology allows the TV to vanish when turned off, morphing into a chic designer mirror. Completing the transformation are a range of more than 100 frames to suit any taste from contemporary to minimalist to rustic. 

These TV mirrors don’t focus on the mirror at the cost of the TV’s capabilities, though. When it’s on, the TV provides crystal clear 4K UHD picture; the lifelike details provide an immersive viewing experience fit for any discerning cinephile. With sizing options ranging from 43” to 75” and the possibility for customization, finding the perfect TV mirror for any space is easy. 

Vanity TV Mirrors

While living and entertaining areas may first spring to mind when considering where to utilize Séura’s TV mirror technology, there are other, maybe less obvious, candidates. The line of vanity TV mirrors discreetly brings monitors into the bathroom. Choose your glass size to seamlessly fit your desired area and select the placement and dimensions of the TV to perfectly personalize your bathroom. Add a clock display that also functions as a night light and wire the TV to in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Imagine starting your morning by catching up on the news or watching a soothing visual while getting ready for your day. 

Outdoor TVs

Séura has applied their dedication to excellent TV technology to the great outdoors. Their Shade Series and Full Sun Series both tout a weatherproof rating of IP55 (meaning it protects against jets of water and dust ingress) and a proprietary active heating and cooling system that allows them to function between -40° F and 140° F. This impressive resistance to weather makes these TVs perfect not only for poolside patios but modern yachts as well. 

Bringing your entertainment A game is easy when you can access optimized picture technology for any outdoor environment. The Shade Series 2™ televisions have 700-nit brightness making them three times brighter than indoor TVs, while the Full Sun Series™ has five screen modes for perfect picture in any outdoor setting. Mounts and stands for any configuration mean you can truly enjoy any viewing experience imaginable. 

Lighted Mirrors

Séura brings their signature passion for superior technology and design to their mirrors. With options for controlling hue and brightness with a mere touch, defogging, nightlights, and frames, these lighted mirrors provide optimal lighting with the tech to excite smart home owners. Because the light comes from the mirror it is evenly distributed, eliminating pesky shadows and providing the best viewing conditions. The color and brightness can be easily adjusted to create a precise atmosphere, whether it’s bright and vibrant for getting ready in the morning or warm and relaxing for winding down at night.  

Whether it’s indoors or out, in the bathroom or on a boat, Séura TV, mirror, and lighting solutions provide the perfect blend of technology and design. 

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

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