Electronic engineering that fully blends into the background, as a decorative accent, is an Interior Designer’s dream. Séura (pronounced seer-ah), inspired by the late 19th-century French artist, Georges Seurat, does just that. The American company, started by Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson, had its inception in a Wisconsin garage. They found an innovative way to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor television viewing, into the Interior design concept of a space. They describe the evolution of their ideas as a journey, “… technology has drastically evolved…instead of bridging the gap between design and technology Séura is focused on eliminating it. Working to find the perfect harmony of design and technology in every product…”

The Séura product line features SMART Mirrors, TV Mirrors, Indoor Waterproof TVs, Outdoor TVs and Lighted Mirrors, that blend subtly into the decor of a room, or act as a centerpiece on a patio or pool deck.  

Séura outdoor televisions are perfect for entertaining during all patterns of weather and in every season. They are 41% thinner than other outdoor products on the market, making them an unobtrusive art piece. They also feature engineering for temperature regulation and glass constructed with matte finish and anti-reflective coating. “Remarkable picture clarity” ensures a viewing experience free of glare or distraction. The screen quality is remarkably free of any light pollution, inviting you to fully enjoy the flawlessly sleek focal point of your open-air entertainment space.

The Séura Storm Ultra Bright™ has the capability to adjust to temperatures between -30°F to 122°F, and to entertain your guests in full sunlight or cloud cover. It is the ideal product for decks, patios, and hot tubs. While you and your guests relax in the pool on the hottest, most humid days, your Storm Ultra-Bright TV is still performing with seamless clarity and sound. If a storm should roll in, forcing you out of the water and onto the covered patio, your  Séura Storm™ (perfect for cabanas and covered patios) can take over the job of video performance while you lounge under the ceiling fan, with a cocktail in hand. As the sun sets and the weather changes, the Storm TV adapts to ensure an uninterrupted picture.

Acoustic Architects can include Séura TVs when creating a design for your outdoor living area. Your Responsive Living space deserves the fluidity of color, texture, fabulous furnishings, ambient sound, and lighting, accentuated by a television with cutting-edge picture quality, sound, and adaptability for all weather conditions. Séura is the choice for the most discerning client and the uber meticulous Interior Designer.

Spencer Hauldren is a founder and managing partner of Acoustic Architects, the South Florida-based full-service home automation provider for high-end residential, luxury yachts, and multiple dwelling units.

If you would like to learn more about Séura, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you. For more information, visit acousticarchitects.net.

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