The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where family and guests gather to share delicious, hearty meals, as they catch up on the latest news or events. From smart refrigerators to smart slow cookers, you can now transform your space into the perfect kitchen for energy efficient, convenient meals and cleaning. Here are a few products to get you started on your journey to smart living.

Smart Fridge
Enjoy flexible energy efficient storage options with smart refrigerators! These smart appliances use the latest technologies like voice control and smartphone apps to ensure that your food and drinks stay fresh and chilled longer without losing their nutritional value. Digital touch screens on the fridge allow you to make grocery lists, order food, and even see inside your refrigerator!

Smart Range
Even award-winning chefs will tell you that setting the precise temperature on your grill or oven is often a tough stunt to pull. However, with smart range ovens, finding the right temperatures for cooking has never been easier. Smart ranges allow you to cook your favorite meals with superb precision. What is more exciting is that you can monitor the heat using your Wi-Fi connected smartphone.

Smart Oven
Be the perfect host for your guests by baking the perfect homemade pizza, make beautiful cupcakes and prepare international cuisines using a smart oven. All you have to do is select the type of food that you want and these intelligent ovens will do the rest.

Smart Dishwasher
Smart dishwashers are more energy efficient, use less water, and save more time than your standard dishwashers. They can even be controlled using voice commands or monitored from your smart device. Smart dishwashers are remarkably quiet and get your dishes sparkling clean every time.

Other kitchen gadgets to consider:

Smart Sink Faucet
A smart sink faucet responds to voice control commands, dispensing measured amounts of water while allowing you to carry out other tasks in the kitchen. 

Smart Coffee Maker
Do you love waking up to the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee? You can now use your smartphone to prepare coffee on demand, thanks to smart coffee makers. Set the exact temperature, brewing time, and even presoak your beans from the comfort of your bed or wherever you may be! Some smart coffee makers can even learn exactly how you like your morning cup of joe brewed and makes it perfect for you every time.

Smart Slow Cooker
Even the busiest of people can arrive home to a warm, already cooked meal! All you have to do is toss the ingredients into the cooker and set the temperature. The WiFi-enabled cooker allows you to adjust cook time, temperature, and even turn it off via your smartphone for easy accessibility and peace of mind.

Grocery Tracking
Remembering your grocery shopping list is now easier than ever. Grocery Tracking devices come attached to the trash bin and use voice recordings to keep track of all the items you throw in the bin.

What’s your favorite responsive living kitchen appliance?

Many smart devices come with a mobile app but they aren’t compatible with one another. It’s like needing three remote controls to operate the TV, sound system, and Blu-ray player.

Smart Kitchen Systems can be controlled from a single app or with voice commands. If you would like to experience the true essence of a smart kitchen, feel free to connect with us to learn more about Responsive Living options for your perfect kitchen.

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