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Home Automation

A custom-tailored home automation system places your home in your hands. With integrated systems from Savant and Crestron, your smart home technologies operate in sync and in real time. Simple-to-use touchscreen and voice commands allow you to control your home with ease.


Experience the vast array of sleek and stylishly innovative sound technologies available for your inner audiophile. Multi-room music, video, and entertainment are at your command with voice and touch control, filling your smart home with phenomenal acoustic ambiance.

Climate Control

Savant and Crestron integrated systems deliver climate control at your fingertips, from anywhere, at any time. Intelligent energy-efficient systems maximize comfort all day long and adjust according to your activities.


A Sony OLED screen, Seura TV Mirror, or Bang & Olufsen art piece are just a few of the leading smart entertainment options for your unique space. Impressive viewing screens and televisions from our innovative partners deliver crystal clear picture in ultra-high definition quality.

Gate Control

Experience a fusion of security and comfort with our automated gate access control systems, activated from anywhere in the world via your mobile device or tablet. Designed to satisfy the most discriminating clientele, we offer telephone, card, and keyless entry, as well as keypad and transmitter access.


The latest in advanced smart lighting possibilities are available for your home or office. Touch and voice control options in cutting-edge light technology with circadian balancing capabilities from USAI, Lutron, and Savant add vibrancy to your health as well as your interior design.

Media and Theater Room

One-touch controls provide easy activation of your entire theater system, from dimming of the lights to roll-up of the screen at the show’s end. State-of-the-art systems like Kaleidescape, Sony, and Wisdom Audio bring an awe-inspiring and incredibly realistic theater experience to your own private smart home.

Media Furniture

Your media furniture should be as luxurious and sleek as the rest of your home. Our designs include CDGi and BDi for tasteful display and storage of your innovative audiovisual technology. From custom racks and shelves to complete storage pieces, the accessories will be unique to your space.

Networking and Phone Systems

Connect your modern office space with trusted brands. Ruckus, Cisco, and Luxul bring seamless convenience to your space with the most reliable integrated communications sources available, including multi-line telephone/intercom systems and wireless computer networks.


Automated shading from our innovative brands, Lutron and Somfy, harness the sunlight, control heat and cold exchange, and increase privacy, for your unique space. Elegant modern window treatments adjust seamlessly with touch and voice control.


Acoustic Architects security systems are designed with cutting-edge technologies from Speco, Axis, SSS Seidle, and Visualint. Seamless integration with industry-leading trusted security solutions for a truly intuitive experience.

Smart Bathroom

Smart bathroom technology from Kohler Konnect starts and ends your day in luxury. A smart shower at exactly the right temperature. Musical accompaniment. Waterproof, heat resistant smart mirrors to keep you connected while you groom. And a smart toilet as the piece de resistance.

Smart Doorbell Entry

Smart entry doorbells offer peace of mind through advanced security. Capable of one-touch command, voice control, and so much more. Now you can see who’s at your access gate or front porch through cutting-edge camera technology, streaming to your smartphone, tablet, or TV screen.

Smart Energy

Our integrated solutions include solar, generator and battery power, working together in one carefully designed package. With companies like RacePointEnergy, Panamax, Bluebolt, SurgeX, Rosewater Energy, power is more reliable, efficient, and eco-savvy.

Third-Party Integration

Our team implements key solutions for extra perks that result in pure convenience for your desired space, with third-party home automation brands. We integrate flexible custom-tailored options accessed via the Savant App for your pool, lawn and garden care, HVAC, misting systems, and much more.

Voice Control

Voice-activated control systems respond to simple commands so you can enjoy your automated space truly hands-free. Alexa, Siri, and Google integrate seamlessly into your design to sync all your smart technology together, delivering the ultimate in innovative simplicity.

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