The Smart Bathroom,
a space you will never want to leave

A Smart Bathroom is the place for setting
the day’s energy into motion.

Envision a sanctuary with endless possibilities. Hands-free voice activated design for
bathing, dressing, enjoyment, and the deepest relaxation you can imagine.

Smart showers and soaking tubs fill at the perfect temperature.
Hands-free control of music and viewing choices while you soak.
And lighting and shading that adjusts on command.

Smart Mirror

Manage your day with a vanity mirror featuring a vanishing waterproof display, delivering access to your email, the weather, news headlines, and all things digital with a single tap or voice command.

DTV+ Smart Shower

Personalize your shower preferences including music, steam, temperature, and lighting, turn on your shower from another room, or adjust the settings at any moment via touch and voice command.

Smart Toilet

Continuous relaxation in your bathroom includes a smart toilet with heated seat and foot warmer, Bluetooth streaming, ambient light, and exceptional energy and water efficiency.

Smart Lighting

Easily tunable lighting controlled by touch or voice activation to create a luxurious spa atmosphere for your bathroom sanctuary.

Waterproof TV for Bath & Shower

Waterproof video for entertainment and aesthetic enhancement. A viewing experience that repels fog and adds a visual complement to the ambient sound in your bathroom space.

Smart Soaking Tub

The PerfectFill kit monitors your bath water so you can focus on the art of relaxation, in a tub that makes itself ready, filling the perfect amount of water at the temperature you desire, and draining when you are finished.

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