100% Uninterrupted

Residential Energy

Acoustic Architects offers a reliable energy solution combining solar, generator, and battery power.

All working together in one carefully designed

smart home system.

Consistent energy delivery designed for your home by the experts
at Acoustic Architects. Flawlessly coordinated, seamlessly installed, and
closely monitored.


Batteries are not only recharged by the generator but also improve generator performance. Accompanying solar power, they provide eligibility for tax credit. Batteries also send energy back to the grid when fully charged, only using what is needed.


Solar panels gather energy during the optimal hours of sunlight collection to be stored in battery cells. Clean low maintenance solar power reduces greenhouse gas emissions, decreases energy bills and increases autonomy from the grid.


Power is up and supporting your automated home without you ever knowing you’ve experienced an outage. Generators provide the backbone to recharge batteries and supplement solar power systems.

Eco-Friendly Efficiency

Smart, renewable, clean energy, gathered and stored, without depending on the grid. Eliminate concern over outages. Power in your hands to control your home environment.

Power of the Sun

Abundant, environmentally friendly solar power. The smart choice for discerning property owners and the foremost option for reliable cost-effective energy storage and consumption.

“Renewable sources increase efficiency, power, quality,
and reliability. This is the power of the future.”

Joe Piccirilli – RoseWater Energy Group

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