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Smart security and surveillance systems

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Ultimate Peace of Mind.

Cutting-edge safeguards for your home, family, identity, and property. Worry-free security. Simply covered.

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Access Control

Mobile, facial recognition, and keypad entry access. Open doors or lockdown your entire property, from anywhere in the world.

Smart Video Surveillance

Innovative, fierce, impenetrable—and just plain smart—technology for every property, everywhere.

• Facial recognition
• Thermal detection
• Real-time
• Voice warning
• Security alerts & dispatch

Smart Doorbell Entry

One-touch command, voice control, and facial recognition doorbells for safe, secure access points.

Facial Recognition

Advanced technology that responds to your custom pre-approved lists and alerts you to unrecognized faces.

The highest level of smart security.

Safe Rooms

A place to hide—yourself, your loved ones, and your valuables—until help arrives. A simple, secure plan with every detail mapped.

Bulletproof Doors

Impenetrable, functional, and still flawlessly on-point with your interior design; never sacrificing aesthetics for safety.

Leak Detection

As soon as a leak is detected, notifications are sent straight to your phone and your smart home team.

Online Privacy

Personalized and proactive safeguarding to protect your intellectual property.

• Digital identity & social media protection
• Mobile device security
• Personal branding & asset protection
• Dark web monitoring
• Nondisclosure agreements

Standard Security System

Customized specifically to the unique needs of your properties
• Cutting-edge camera technology
• Pair with smart doorbell systems
• Connected to your total home system
• Worldwide remote access control

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