In the past two years, we have seen some of the biggest tech companies introducing state-of-the-art smart speakers to the market. Among them is the Sonos One smart speaker; designed for an excellent sound output complemented with effortless Voice Command features. What’s more, the smart speaker is crafted to make home automation and music streaming nothing but seamless.

The Sonos One comes integrated with Amazon Alexa right from the factory, and in the coming year, the speaker will be able to support Google Assistant. Even better, you can control it using your voice regardless of the smart system you use alongside the device.

Here’s an in-depth look at this game-changing speaker.


The Sonos One speaker is a design evolution of the Sonos Play 1. However, the design is tweaked with this speaker’s height adjusted to 6.3 inches, which enables it to comfortably fit on a table by your bedside or even a shelf in the living room or kitchen. Not to mention, unlike the Sonos Play 1, this device has responsive touch-sensitive controls as opposed to the old physical keys.

These keys enable you to change the volume or song playing as well as play and pause. As far as voice controls are concerned, the Sonos has six microphones, which help Alexa listen to your every command regardless of the music playing. Listening to voice commands even when music is playing is made possible by state-of-the-art noise cancellation technology embedded in this device. Besides, the speaker also has an Ethernet socket at the back and a setup button for secure connectivity.

Audio Quality

Regarding audio quality, Sonos boast of excellent bass performance bolstered with clarity and smooth stereo operation. In addition, if the sound quality does not match your standards, you can always tune this device using the TruePlay feature.

TruePlay uses your iPhone’s microphone to optimize the Sonos’ sound quality depending on where you have placed the device. Seeing that the Sonos One is a mono speaker, you can pair two of these devices to get a stereo experience.


The Sonos One also has an application that allows you to stream music from some of the best music sites such as Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn Radio, Amazon Music, and Pandora just to mention a few. You can load songs manually using this App and use Alexa to skip or pause songs flawlessly. As mentioned earlier, the Sonos One will be integrating Google Assistant in 2018; a feature many people can’t wait to use.

In Closing

This smart speaker also connects to your iPhone or Apple TV 4K enabling you to stream your favorite jams or movies with ease. We don’t expect Smart Speakers to have the edge over their regular counterparts. Nevertheless, Sonos One smart speakers have outstanding audio performance thanks to twin Class D amplifiers.

Sonos has made a name for itself with their wireless speakers and Amazon Alexa has received a lot of media attention for its voice command capabilities and coming from Amazon. The new Sonos One Smart Speaker is a match made in technology heaven.

If you would like to experience the new Sonos One smart speaker and are looking for award-winning quality in home automation, give Acoustic Architects a call. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you and have a conversation about options for you and your home.