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K Residence – A Case Study
April 6, 2021

An ode to light, the K Residence exudes transparency and an open, flowing ambience. With every turn, a new, stimulating room…

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Hartmann&Forbes creates handwoven artisan textile window coverings for smart homes.
Hartmann&Forbes – An Interview with Kristopher Grytten
July 14, 2020

Hartmann&Forbes offers an experience combining hand-woven textiles, using artisan craftsmanship, with cutting-edge innovation. And the resulting product is bespoke window coverings…

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6440 North Bay Road by To Better Days Development with smart home automation by Acoustic Architects.
6440 N Bay Rd – A Case Study
July 1, 2020

North Bay Road is a stretch of paradise where land meets sea. From it, you can arrive at some of Miami’s…

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Home automation with the Savant control system for smart lighting, smart bath, smart shading, and smart kitchen, expertly integrated by Acoustic Architects.
Stories on Responsive Living – Oiling the Perfect Machine
March 3, 2020

Smart technology should fix itself, right? Probably in the near future! But not quite yet. Even the finest technology needs a…

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6010 North Bay Road, a case study on smart home luxury by Acoustic Architects, featuring bespoke Interior Design by To Better Days Development.
6010 North Bay Road – A Case Study on Smart Luxury
February 11, 2020

An entry of architectural grandeur leads way to a sweeping seascape beyond. 6010 North Bay Road is a coveted bit of…

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Lutron smart lighting and shading, savant music and whole home control systems, and everything smart home automation, seamlessly coordinated by
Stories on Responsive Living – Lutron to the Rescue
January 21, 2020

2020 is here. The last decade has ushered in the expectation of smart seamless technology. But what happens when a home…

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6360 North Bay Road designed with the latest in smart home automation technology by
6360 North Bay Road – A Case Study
December 3, 2019

North Bay Road is a literal paradise at the edge of Miami Beach’s bayside. 6360 sits on one of the most…

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The Sunny Isles, South Florida, Parque Towers Residences offer incredible smart features for bespoke experiences.
Parque Towers Penthouse – A Case Study
October 29, 2019

Set in the picturesque and exclusive Sunny Isles, South Florida, the Parque Towers Residences offer incredible smart features for bespoke experiences….

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Interview with Lutron's Brad Cullinan on smart lighting and shading, the palladium series, and Acoustic Architects.
Best-In-Class Lighting and Shading with Lutron Electronics
September 30, 2019

An interview with Brad Cullinanan on smart lighting and shading and what makes Lutron best-in-class and bulletproof.

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