Jason Sayen is an audio, electronics, and technology enthusiast. His exposure to home audio came out of his time with Seattle-based Audio Control. As a national trainer for the company, Jason was exposed to the life of a manufacturer’s rep, visiting automation companies and working at various scales of the market. He gained an in-depth knowledge of the Savant Systems company and then joined JL Audio in South Florida and soon became the Savant representative for bespoke home automation. 

Here’s the inside scoop on Savant and LK & Associates in our interview with manufacturer’s representative Jason Sayen. 

A Unique Approach

Acoustic Architects: What sets your company apart from other manufacturer’s representatives in the home automation field?
Jason Sayen: Just like many manufacturer’s reps, LK represents multiple brands. But we are unique in that we are a very hands-on company. Not only do we know our products really well and provide great customer service, but we also teach CEUs, hold meetings at our clients’ locations, and spend time job sites where companies like Acoustic Architects are working. 

How does being available onsite make a difference in your client relationships?
We stay involved with the integrators so we can make sure they have all the resources they need. But that also gives us the opportunity to suggest additional products that might go great in the projects they are working on. 

The Savant Smart Home

Tell us about your favorite smart products to pair with Savant’s home system. 
My favorite products to pair with Savant systems are Savant’s own products. The new lighting line is really innovative. They make it possible to actually paint a space with color and temperature causing interior textures and finishes to pop. And it changes instantaneously with easy swipes. 

What do you appreciate about Savant’s unique whole-home control systems?
It is one of the most personalizable, intuitive, and customizable interfaces. They make it so easy. 

How is Savant evolving to stay competitive in the growing home automation market?
They’ve figured out how to scale technology. When Savant first started out, they were targeting large expensive projects. But now they can scale down to most price points. They are also into new product categories and excelling at it. 

What is your favorite product from the new Savant line-up? 
Daylight mode for lighting design. Lighting automatically adjusts throughout the day following natural light spectrums produced by the sun. It has a huge impact on health and wellbeing. 

Enlighten us on the new surround sound from Savant Whole Home Audio.
The Savant Whole Home Audio is based on the WiSA technology for the high-end audio market. This allows all the audio components to communicate wirelessly, creating a unique surround sound effect. It even comes with an app that controls it all. It’s like a mini Savant system. 

What are the new customized capabilities of the Savant Pro remote control?
The current remote previously required a lot of swiping. So Savant released new software to allow the customer or integrator to lock-out or add features right from the remote control. It is simpler and more intuitive.

How does Siri interact with Savant?
This actually emerged with another software update about 60 days ago. Now all the products in the Apple Homekit can be controlled with the Savant Pro remote and Siri. It is accessed through Apple TV. 

Why are the new Savant Shades an excellent design option?
Previously the Savant Shades had to be wired into the structure of the dwelling. Now there is a wireless battery option. They install exactly the same as the wired shades and also have the same materials, textures, and aesthetics. So they blend flawlessly into the interior design. This is unique to Savant’s technology. 

The Acoustic Architects Connection

When did you become acquainted with Acoustic Architects?
We met in 2013 on an installation project. 

How are you and Acoustic Architects working symbiotically to meet each other’s needs?
They actively include partner reps in their projects, so that allows us to get the latest products into the projects. We partnered with them on recent projects such as ECHO Brickel and Muse Residences.

What do you value the most about collaborating with Acoustic Architects?
They are the ultimate professionals in the Miami market but not afraid to ask for help when they need it. And they have an immensely high level of knowledge, respect, and professionalism. 

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

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