Today’s smart home is a safe, stimulating haven for your pet. Whether you’re returning to work or school in the post-pandemic world, your furry companion is going to experience a bit of a shock with the coming changes to their schedule. Fortunately, your connected home can be outfitted with choice technologies to reduce your pet’s anxiety. We’ve put together a curated list of smart tech for choosy pet parents.

Automatic Doors

Smart pet doors are designed with safety in mind. Your furbaby’s entry into the house should only allow him or her to get in or out. Neighborhood cat burglars are not permitted. The Petsafe Electronic Smartdoor, Plexidor Electronic Pet Door, and Sureflap Microchip Pet Door are unique to your pet because they are prompted to open by a smart collar or microchip. These innovative features also prevent break-ins by actual thieves attempting to gain entry through larger pet doors. 

Some pets are hesitant to access flap doors by pushing with their head. Smart doors eliminate that worry for them with touchless entry. They also have timers and locking features so you are in control of your furry friend’s activity — remotely — all the time. Additionally, these specialized doors are weather-resistant and waterproof, to prevent leaks and stay securely closed during storms.

Stylish Pet Tracking

Apple Air Tags are the security and tracking accessory for keeping your pet safe and stylish at the same time. AirTags are not just for keyrings and bags, they keep you connected when your pet is out for a stroll with the nanny. Vibrant colors and earthy materials offer a unique, incognito way to track that furbaby no matter where they might roam. Just use the “Find My” network to get location updates.

Treats on Demand

Treat dispensers like Furbo are another way to stay connected to your pets while you are away. Livestream your pet, dispense treats, and hear your dog bark with the Furbo Dog Nanny subscription. You can talk back through the app, and have the peace of mind that the furbaby is calmed by your voice. 

Brain Games

Did you know your dog can distinguish different colors? CleverPet is the smart game console for furry friends. Designed by cognitive scientists, this smart pet puzzle keeps furbabies entertained while you are away. The Color Match game prompts pets to touch colorful light-up circles to earn their food reward. “Solving this challenge requires matching a pattern in the correct order. This challenge is on the road to agility and memory games.” – CleverPet

Going back to work or school — onsite — should be as stress-free as possible for you and your pets. Innovative technologies allow you to fully outfit your smart home with safe, fun features to keep your pet nurtured and entertained. After a full day, you can return home to a furry friend who’s calm and adjusted, but still really excited for some playtime with you. 

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

If you would like to learn more about smart pet technology for your home, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you.

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